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Friday, September 24, 2004

Attention Bill Burkett: Please Just Go Away!

Bill Burkett has proven himself a vainglorious rodent now scrambling for cover. He now blames cBS for his current predicament. He has now turned on Dan Rather and accussed Joe Lockhart of requesting the memos prior to their release by cBS.

His critique of Rather begins as follows:

"It caught CBS very flat-footed. They were not prepared. And I had warned them ... that this would probably be one of the most highly coordinated vicious attacks that they would ever have to face," Bill Burkett, a former Texas National Guardsman, said in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

This is utterly rediculous. Dan Rather covered Watergate. The reason this story faced a highly coordinated attack is because the memos were FORGERIES! Using forged documents to effect the outcome of a Federal election is a FEDERAL CRIME. Short of saying "Dan, I'm passing you Bull-Spit.", there isn't much Burkett could have said to accurately inform cBS about the quality of his material.

He continues with much self-justification:

"I really, sincerely, 100-percent believed that the CBS `60 Minutes' people could absolutely authenticate this, verify it and do it right," he said. "And if it was, in fact, substantiated, that it should be added to the public record because there are so many holes within George Bush's (Guard) file."

When you hike your butt over to a Kinko's and forge up a document on a computer that did not previously exist, there is no way to do it right. You cannot validate a FORGERY.

Burkett then turns on his fellow villain Dan Rather like an Australian Bushmaster.

"He snipped it apart to cover them," he said. "That's all that that evening news was - to find a fall guy. And it was me."

Burkett and every other fool who sits down and lets 60 Minutes ask questions and shoot footage.

He added, "By his action and inaction, Dan Rather ruined my reputation in front of 70 million people."

Then Bill laments what Dan Rather did to his reputation. That might as well have been what Debbie said after she finished doing Dallas. When you hike your butt over to Kinko's and forge up a document that did not previously exist, your reputation should be dog sh--. That happens when you get caught red-handed creating a FORGERY.

Burkett then attempts to shift some blame in the direction of Joe Lockhart. He isn't really a bad man, the devil made him do it.

He said, however, that during the meeting in which he gave the memos to CBS, he was also told by a producer that his phone number would be passed on to Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart.

"I was absolutely and clearly told that that was as far as anyone could go without crossing the line of (journalistic) ethics," Burkett said.


Remind me again why cBS should ever be used in the same sentence with ethics without a negative modifier.

Then Burkett really hones in that racally Joe Lockhart.

During a single phone conversation with Lockhart, Burkett said he suggested a "couple of concepts on what I thought (Kerry) had to do" to beat Bush. In return, he said, Lockhart tried to "convince me as to why I should give them the documents."

So there you have it. Bill Burkett was used. Dan Rather and Joe Lockhart engaged in an E-VIL conspiracy to ruin his precious good name.

Update I: Sean Hackbarth finds the intestinal fortitude to keep up with Bill Burkett's vile and petty peculations.

Update II: Q and O questions Burkett's latest story and observes that he may be in denial of reality.

Update III: Michelle Malkin discusses the ongoing Burkett Dope Opera "As The Worm Turns". KOTM Bad Pun Terror Alert - Code Orange.


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