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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Link Sluttony!

In order to submit to Watcher of Weasals, I'm required to participate in vile link whorage. This amuses me so here goes....

  1. Winning Council Post.
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  3. Last Week's Tally.
  4. Last Week's Exceptional Nominees.

So there it is, folks. Dig in and enjoy.

A Case Of Premature Obfuscation

I congratulate The Boston Globe on their latest scoop. They have successfully reported on the Boston Debate before it actually took place. It's a good thing the article was a milquetoast puff-piece. Had it included any actual "facts" or analysis, it would run the risk of making The Boston Globe look inaccurate for a change.

Hat-Tip LGF.

Update I: C-Pol lauds AP Magical Time Machine!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Who REALLY Tried To Bring Back The Draft

It appears that Dan Rather and cBS are once more confused. They seem convinced that Bush, Cheney and the Evil Haliburton Cabal have a triple-secret plan to revive the draft. A recent cBS story on the possible return of the draft used a wonderfully reliable source. The following anonymous email.

From: "(name removed for privacy)"
Subject: Military Draft expected to start July 15, 2005
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004

The possibility of mandatory drafting for boys and girls (age 18-26) starting June 15, 2005, is something, I believe, everyone should know .This literally affects EVERYONE since we all have or know children that will have to go if this bill passes. If there are children in your family, READ this.

There is pending legislation in the House and Senate (twin bills: S 89 and HR 163) which will time the program's initiation so the draft can begin at early as Spring 2005 -- just after the 2004 presidential election. The administration is quietly trying to get these bills passed now, while the public's attention is on the elections, so our action on this is needed immediately.. . .

Please send this on to all the parents and teachers you know, and all the aunts and uncles, grandparents, godparents . . . . And let your children know -- it's their future, and they can be a powerful voice for change!. . . $28 million has been added to the 2004 selective service system (sss) budget to prepare for a military draft that could start as early as June 15, 2005. . . .

The pentagon has quietly begun a public campaign to fill all 10,350 draft board positions and 11,070 appeals board slots nationwide. . . .Dodging the draft will be more difficult than those from the Vietnam era. College and Canada will not be options. In December 2001, Canada and the U.S. signed a "smart border declaration," which could be used to keep would-be draft dodgers in.

Signed by Canada's minister of foreign affairs, John Manley, and U.S. Homeland Security director, Tom Ridge, the declaration involves a 30-point plan which implements, among other things, a "pre-clearance agreement" of people entering and departing each country. Reforms aimed at making the draft more equitable along gender and class lines also eliminates higher education as a shelter. Underclassmen would only be able to postpone service until the end of their current semester. Seniors would have until the end of the academic year.

hat-tip to

So if forged memos don't get it, cBS whips out the faked emails. I couldn't help but noticing someone in the Department of Justice would not be a usable as a source for a story on the DoD. Maybe as a lead, but not as a quoted source. This is cheap scare-mongering and beneath the dignity of professional news organizations. That's why you can find it on cBS!

Now in fairness to the Rather-biased network, there have been efforts to bring the draft back. The following bills have been proposed to reinstate the draft. Their sponsors are also listed below.


Bills HR 163 and S 89 have been introduced in 2003, prior to the War in Iraq by Charles Rangel (Democrat-NY) and Senator Ernest Hollings (Democrat-SC) respectively.

CO-Sponsors of HR 163:

  2. BROWN, CORRINE Democrat, FL
  4. CLAY, WM. Democrat,MO
  5. CONYERS, JOHN Democrat, MI
  6. CUMMINGS, ELIJAH Democrat, MD
  7. HASTINGS, ALCIE Democrat, FL
  9. LEWIS, JOHN Democrat, GA
  10. MC DERMOTT, JIM Democrat, WA
  11. MORAN, JAMES Democrat, VA
  13. STARK, FORTNEY Democrat, CA
  14. VALEZQUEZ, NYDIA Democrat, NY

hat - tip to Wolverine at

These individuals may have the world's best intentions, but they do not have President Bush's ear. There are no members of the present administration in favor of the draft. Seeing that The Army met its 2004 recruiting goals, this step would be gratuitous and stupid. cBS is lying to us once again.

Update I: Wizbang issues a Bogsphere Call-to-arms to assist sites dedicated to farrotting out CBS lies and distortions.

Update II: Vodkapundit describes the woman who cBS interviewed about the draft. She's a Leftist Moonbat.

Update III: Swimming Through The Spin describes a John Kerry proposal for national youth service. Gee, why did THAT get pulled of

Update IV: Now MTV has joined the lie. Wunderkinder demands they pull their bogus ad.

Taking The 5th: Eminent Domain And The Bill Of Rights.

Property rights empower every other freedom Americans enjoy. When the state takes away your property, it almost totally deprives you of your power. Fortunately, The Bill of Rights contains language to prevent such perfidy. Unfortunately, local and state governments throughout the US have become particularly devious in skirting this constitutional protection.

The 5th Amendment commonly comes into play during jury trials as a means to prevent a defendantor a witness from being forced to reveal information that may incriminate them. People normally do not associate this particular part of The Bill of Rights with property.

However, the 5th Amendment does contain the clause "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation." As a result of this clause, property owners have recourse to the law whenever any level of government forces them off their land or deprives them of its value in any way. The owner can attempt to block the taking or at least exact a good, solid pound of flesh in return for the discomfiture.

The legal process by which government takings are adjudicated is known as Eminent Domain. This process has its critics and its well known that you are in trouble if you have to fight City Hall. However, the legal protections afforded to property owners at least require that governments limit their takings and use their powers in a measured and thoughtful manner. At least, that's what The Founding Fathers intended.

According to George Will of The Washington Post, this apparantly is not the case in New London, Connecticut.

That city, like many cities, needs more revenues. To enhance the Pfizer pharmaceutical company's $270 million research facility, it empowered a private entity, the New London Development Corporation, to exercise the power of eminent domain to condemn most of the Fort Trumbull neighborhood along the Thames River. The aim is to make space for upscale condominiums, a luxury hotel and private offices that would yield the city more tax revenues than can be extracted from the neighborhood's middle-class homeowners.

Here the local goverment has decided to bulldoze a bunch of middle to low income homeowners off their land to enhance the tax payoff from a tract of land. The use intended for the land clearly is not public. According to a strict constructionist interpretation of the 5th Amendment, the taking has no valid legal justification.

This leads the brilliant legal minds of the cash-strapped metropolis to start checking for constitutional penumbras that may justify their brigandage or at least throw enough dirt in the air to obscure the obvious issue at hand. In Connecticut they offer this prize-winning gem. John Edwards would be proud.

The Connecticut court, like the courts of six other states, says the ``public use'' restriction does not really restrict takings at all: It merely means a taking must have some anticipated public benefit, however indirect and derivative, at the end of some chain of causation.

If Ostengropenfuhrer Heydritch had read this, he could have added this to his self-justification for carrying out Hitler's Final Solution. This interpretation thoroughly pollutes the intent of the property protection afforded by the 5th Amendment.

Property rights also come under frequent attack from environmental laws. Walter Williams describes a travesty of justice that occurred in Michigan.

This kind of despotism is rife. John A. Rapanos, a 68-year-old Michigan landowner faces a 10-month federal imprisonment and up to $10 million in fines. Rapanos cleared and graded 175 acres of fallow farmland that he had owned since 1950 with the intention of constructing a shopping center. When the shopping center deal fell through, he leased the land to a local grain farmer. What was his crime?

Under the Clean Water Act, no person may discharge, dredge or put fill material into the navigable waters of the United States without a permit. The closest navigable waters to Rapanos' land are in Saginaw Bay, some 20 miles away. Rapanos' crime in the eyes of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers was that he filled in depressions on his land without permission.

Fortunately, the judge who first heard the case was not drinking The Evergreen Kool-Aid. In fact, he read the case and dealt with it in a perfunctory and direct manner.

In the early stages of Rapanos' case, U.S. District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff -- noting that a drug dealer had been before him that day -- said rebelliously, "Here we have a person ... who commits crimes of selling dope, and the government asks me to put him in prison for 10 months. And then we have an American citizen, who buys land, pays for it with his own money, and he moves sand from one end to the other, and the government wants me to give him 63 months in prison. Now if that isn't our system gone crazy, I don't know what is. And I am not going to do it."

As our governments grow in power, they also grow in appetite and in the capriciousness of their whims. The responsibility for how well or how badly our myriad governments behave lies invested in the collective will of the American citizenry. Thus we must approach the election this Fall with eye towards what sort of judicial appointments will be made by our elected officials. The Constitution is in need of defending, not circumvention. We will only continue to own what we own if we make sure our government remembers who it works for.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

National ID's - Big Brother Likes To Know Who He Is Watching.

Congress has come under manifold political pressure to impliment all of the recommendations of the recently completed 9/11 Commission. In response, they've written a bill that enacts these recommendations into law. Perhaps, a more nuanced approach should have been taken. Not all of these 9/11 Commission ideas necessarily make America a better place to live.

One measure bans federal agencies from accepting Driver's Licenses as ID's unless the license shows a facial portrait and a Social Security Number. In effect, the State Driver's Licenses become a National ID. A simple database query now allows the governement to track individual citizens wherever they may choose to go.

The actual legal requirements for accepting the Driver's License as a form of ID follow below.

b) MINIMUM DOCUMENT REQUIREMENTS.—To meet the requirements of this section, a State shall include, at a minimum, the following information and features on each driver’s license and identification card issued to a person by the State:

  1. The person’s full legal name.
  2. The person’s date of birth.
  3. The person’s gender.
  4. The person’s driver license or identification card number.
  5. A photograph of the person.
  6. The person’s address of principal residence.
  7. The person’s signature.
  8. Physical security features designed to prevent tampering, counterfeiting, or duplication of the document forfraudulent purposes.
  9. A common machine-readable technology, with defined minimum data elements.

This, of course, does nothing to stop a terrorist who drives someone else's car illegally or who just catches to the next hijacking. What it does do is give the government the ability to track and observe almost every aspect of our official and financial lives. Every time we run a license through a scanner, we now pop up on Big Brother's grid.

Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Association fall under potential threat from this legislation. Strongly urge your Congressmember and Senators to rescind this piece from the 9/11 Commission legislation.

Return Of The King III: Growing Pains Edition

The Washington Redskins played hard and never gave up in last night's 21-18 loss to the Dallas Ass-Hats. In the NFL, playing hard and never quitting will help you rack up lots of 3 point losses and a record worthy of a highly-touted 1st Round draft pick.

There were, of course, the bright spots.

  1. They played excellent defense, holding the Ass-Hats to 50 yds on the ground.
  2. Mark Brunnel came out of premature retirement for a game. He actually rolled on the roll-outs.
  3. Portis ran well at times. Far better than against the Giants.
  4. Cleveland is next on the schedule.

Then there were the reasons they lost.

  1. Dropped passes.
  2. Stupid penalties.
  3. Poor clock management.
  4. It was Dallas.

So there you have it. Coach Gibbs is 1-2. Things are looking better for the offense, but they arn't quite there yet. The rebuilding continues...

Update I: Wunderkinder noticed the painfully bad officiating of pass interference calls and lack thereof. It somehow, mysteriously seemed to favor the Ass-Hats.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Habitat For Asininity II: Carter On Florida's Election Process

Jimmy Carter has once more graced us with his charm and wit. He has recently concluded that Florida's voting procedures do not meet international standards. He, of course, had no problem certifying the recent electoral theft of Hugo Chavez, so I figured Jimmah Dumb-Dumb was just joshin' us for a couple of laughs.

No, he's dead-on serious. He's also mean-spirited, partisan and nasty. Here, he shares his innermost thoughts on the Florida election process.

He accused Florida Secretary of State Glenda Hood, a Republican, of trying to get the name of independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader included on the state ballot, knowing he might divert Democrat votes.

She also may have known Ralph Nader was a declared Presidential Candidate who was lawfully gathering signatures to put his name on the ballot. This would mean that if he got enough signatures to qualify, he was on the ballot whether Jimmah liked it or not.

He also said: "A fumbling attempt has been made recently to disqualify 22,000 African Americans (likely Democrats), but only 61 Hispanics (likely Republicans), as alleged felons."
Mr Carter said Florida Governor Jeb Bush - brother of the president - had "taken no steps to correct these departures from principles of fair and equal treatment or to prevent them in the future".

They are either felons or not. There is no "alleged felon" status. When the State of Florida checks a record and finds a felony conviction, that individual loses the right to vote period. Short of attempting to strong-arm the executive branch of the Florida State Government into pretending this law doesn't exist, Jeb Bush has no say in whether felons vote or not.

"It is unconscionable to perpetuate fraudulent or biased electoral practices in any nation," he added.

Agreed. This is why anyone who believes Hugo Chavez was not cheating in the most recent election in Venezuala needs to be far, far away from the control levers of any electoral process that seeks fairness or impartiality. Jimmy Carter was voted into ignominious retirement back in 1980. He has nothing new to offer except the same tired bile. Go away, Jimmy Carter. Aruba beckons.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Kerry '97 Vs. Kerry '04

Senator John Kerry has dramatically changed his point of view on unilateral military action against Saddam Hussein and the former Iraqi regime between 1997 and 2004.

In 1997 he debated Rep. Peter King on CNN Crossfire. The discussion was set against a backdrop of tension between Iraq and The United States as President Clinton considered what military options he should pursue against Hussein's regime. Kerry offered the following opinion.

"We know we can't count on the French. We know we can't count on the Russians," said Mr. Kerry. "We know that Iraq is a danger to the United States, and we reserve the right to take pre-emptive action whenever we feel it's in our national interest." - Washtimes 24 Sep 04

Senator Kerry's position on Saddam Hussein's removal from power by President Bush is considerably different. He spoke yesterday in Philadelphia as his Presidential campaign continued, and offered the following opinion.

"The invasion of Iraq was a profound diversion from the battle against our greatest enemy, al-Qaida," Kerry said in a speech at Temple University. "There's just no question about it. The president's misjudgment, miscalculation and mismanagement of the war in Iraq all make the war on terror harder to win."

Kerry, in offering a detailed strategy to contain terrorism and to draw a sharp distinction between his and the president's views on national security, added, "Iraq is now what it was not before the war, a haven for terrorists." - Associated Press 24 Sep 04

Aside from the apparent fact that his wife thinks "W" has OBL salted away as a re-election tool, Kerry's views have shifted into juxtaposition over the last seven years. In order to present a credible case to the American electorate, Senator Kerry should explain what made him rethink both Iraq and unilateralism.

Whether Senator Kerry has thought his change of views through carefully ,or whether he has merely windsurfed towards the temporary swells of popular opionion, he should be able to explain the process as he puts forth his opposition to the current administration's policy. Otherwise, rational minds could only assume that while Senator Kerry solidly outpolled Howard Dean for the Democratic nomination, Candidate Dean logically and rhetorically vanquised Senator Kerry during the primaries.

Update I: Stephen Green over at Vodkapundit found this compendium of vacillations from John F. Kerry on the Iraq War.

Update II: Frank Martin at Varifrank chronicles the remarkable shrinking Senator.

Update III: We have a case of duelling transcripts. Jim Geraghty reports that he has a slight difference in transcript from the Wash Times. Perusal shows that it still indicates a Hawkish attitude on Kerry's part towards Iraq in 1997.

Update IV: Kevin Alyward offers an example of consistency on the part of John Kerry. His position on Iraq is exactly what he thinks the voters want to hear.

Attention Bill Burkett: Please Just Go Away!

Bill Burkett has proven himself a vainglorious rodent now scrambling for cover. He now blames cBS for his current predicament. He has now turned on Dan Rather and accussed Joe Lockhart of requesting the memos prior to their release by cBS.

His critique of Rather begins as follows:

"It caught CBS very flat-footed. They were not prepared. And I had warned them ... that this would probably be one of the most highly coordinated vicious attacks that they would ever have to face," Bill Burkett, a former Texas National Guardsman, said in an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

This is utterly rediculous. Dan Rather covered Watergate. The reason this story faced a highly coordinated attack is because the memos were FORGERIES! Using forged documents to effect the outcome of a Federal election is a FEDERAL CRIME. Short of saying "Dan, I'm passing you Bull-Spit.", there isn't much Burkett could have said to accurately inform cBS about the quality of his material.

He continues with much self-justification:

"I really, sincerely, 100-percent believed that the CBS `60 Minutes' people could absolutely authenticate this, verify it and do it right," he said. "And if it was, in fact, substantiated, that it should be added to the public record because there are so many holes within George Bush's (Guard) file."

When you hike your butt over to a Kinko's and forge up a document on a computer that did not previously exist, there is no way to do it right. You cannot validate a FORGERY.

Burkett then turns on his fellow villain Dan Rather like an Australian Bushmaster.

"He snipped it apart to cover them," he said. "That's all that that evening news was - to find a fall guy. And it was me."

Burkett and every other fool who sits down and lets 60 Minutes ask questions and shoot footage.

He added, "By his action and inaction, Dan Rather ruined my reputation in front of 70 million people."

Then Bill laments what Dan Rather did to his reputation. That might as well have been what Debbie said after she finished doing Dallas. When you hike your butt over to Kinko's and forge up a document that did not previously exist, your reputation should be dog sh--. That happens when you get caught red-handed creating a FORGERY.

Burkett then attempts to shift some blame in the direction of Joe Lockhart. He isn't really a bad man, the devil made him do it.

He said, however, that during the meeting in which he gave the memos to CBS, he was also told by a producer that his phone number would be passed on to Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart.

"I was absolutely and clearly told that that was as far as anyone could go without crossing the line of (journalistic) ethics," Burkett said.


Remind me again why cBS should ever be used in the same sentence with ethics without a negative modifier.

Then Burkett really hones in that racally Joe Lockhart.

During a single phone conversation with Lockhart, Burkett said he suggested a "couple of concepts on what I thought (Kerry) had to do" to beat Bush. In return, he said, Lockhart tried to "convince me as to why I should give them the documents."

So there you have it. Bill Burkett was used. Dan Rather and Joe Lockhart engaged in an E-VIL conspiracy to ruin his precious good name.

Update I: Sean Hackbarth finds the intestinal fortitude to keep up with Bill Burkett's vile and petty peculations.

Update II: Q and O questions Burkett's latest story and observes that he may be in denial of reality.

Update III: Michelle Malkin discusses the ongoing Burkett Dope Opera "As The Worm Turns". KOTM Bad Pun Terror Alert - Code Orange.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

So Bad It Makes Maureen Dowd Look Intelligent

Stanley Crouch offers us his deep thoughts. He proves to be yet another deeply insecure journalist, hacked-off because there is such a thing as a blogsphere. His title, "Media's cowing to attack dogs", suggests that The Man is keeping us all down.

The Man, in this case, is an the average concerned citizen who has gotten tired of being cBSed to the point of distraction. He isn't keeping anyone down, he (or in all fairness she) is rising up in frustration. Stanley Crouch doesn't get it. He's a 3-star imbecile bringing The Pre-Season Game to The Fall Classic.

Call him JP; he lives in Jurrassic Park.

We'll start the Fisking at paragraph 2.

In his marvelously funny and unapologetic book, "Attack Poodles," James Wolcott opens up on right-wing pundits. He defines them as vicious pets that charge not with bites - that would be too dangerous - but with barks that translate into mud. Each bark is a big bubble of muck ready to explode.

Barks that translate into mud. Does that relate somehow to prose that turns into bull manure. Each bark is a big bubble of muck ready to explode? And how many surrealists does it take to change a lightbulb? Potato.

Wolcott could not have imagined that this presidential campaign would descend into barking from the right and the left, with groomed poodles barking from their conservative parlors and unshorn poodles yelping the liberal concerns of our nation. The shrewdest poodles are fixed up or down dependent on the audience. Surfaces and attacks are all.

I'm certain that Niel Young told the audience at Woodstock NOT to use the brown acid.

Not long afterward, CBS' Walter Cronkite became one of the most trustworthy media .fathers the nation has ever known. And CBS' Sunday edition of "60 Minutes" consistently has given the country its best ongoing mass-media investigative journalism.

Wow! I didn't even have to mispunctuate for myself in this entry. How nice of Mr. Crouch. Who's your Media Daddy? The same guy who fact-checks over at cBS?

If they are taken by the issues of life and death, war, health, the environment, outsourcing jobs, education, housing, reducing energy dependence on the Middle East, law enforcement, incarceration, the federal budget and so on, they continue to be forced from their seats by muddy poodles hopping from chair to chair on the right and left sides of the political dinner table.

How about if they just get taken by the fact that media Attack-Hamster Stanley Crouch has the IQ of a grapefruit.

Hat Tip to Leather Penguin for unearthing this ExLax-inspired discharge of Mr. Crouch.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kerry Is Daft When He Threatens A Draft

John F. Kerry and Johnny "Sunshine" Edwards want us to believe the draft is in for re-runs. It's about as likely as Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia. They promise, if elected, never to bring it back.

Whew, that was a close one. There have been recent attempts to reinstate military conscription. It's just that George W. Bush hasn't made any them. It's a good thing Kerry and Edwards are willing to ride herd on Charlie Rangel.

I'm more worried that Cat Stevens will hijack an airliner, than about George W. Bush reinstating the draft. Kerry is fishing for issues and has doned the infamous tin-foil hat. He deserves ridicule and contempt.

Update I: Captain's Quarters takes Kerry to task on his latest Moonbat stupidity.

Update II: Michelle Malkin describes the latest Kerry hoax. He has now resorted to spam email stating. "Mandatory draft for boys and girls (ages18-26) starting June 15, 2005 ."

Love Me Two Times Baby! (And I'll Only Beat You Once)

Those of you not convinced that Iran is the cultural center of the universe, need to take notice.

An Iranian woman, beaten every day by her husband, asked a court to tell him only to beat her once a week.

And it gets even better...

"If I do not beat her, she will not be scared enough to obey me," the husband said.

If the manufacturing of wife-beater t-shirts is ever outsourced, I've got a heads-up wear it's going to.

Hat-Tip to Patrick Prescott.


10 Minutes of computer time and use of a fax machine at Kinko's - $5.50

30 Billable Hours of legal work from Lord Van Os of The Finely Toussled Loafers - $3,000

Bill Burkett suing cBS for liable - PRICELESS!!!

Update I - La Shawn Barber examines the ramifications of possible collusion by Kerry staff workers on the memo. "And the Kerry campaign is involved. See you back in the Senate in January, Mr. Kerry. "

Update II - After thoughtful examination of Dan Rather's mental stability, Captain Ed offers this verdict: "I don't think Dan is insane: I think he's full of himself. The Dan does not have to answer critics: The Dan is the truth. Le verite', c'est moi."

Update III - Rusty Shackleford informs us that If Dan "Magic Dizzler" Rather were cashiered from cBS, he'd be hoo bangin' over the Blog Pimp Alliance.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Return Of The King Week II: Blogger Hubris Edition

What do you get when you turn the ball over 7 times and have your starting QB pull a hammy?

A 20-14 loss.

And a crashing return to terra firma. Joe Gibbs has a real problem. He coaches a team that grew accustomed to finding new and frustrating ways to lose. It will be a bear for him to turn this team around and make it play well.

The good news, GIbbs started his first stint in DC 0-6. From that prospective, a 1-1 start against two weak clubs is actually auspicious.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Team Lycopene!!

Did yooze gize know....

  1. Lycopene is an open-chain unsaturated carotenoid that imparts red colour to tomatoes, guava, rosehip, watermelon and pink grapefruit.
    Lycopene is a proven antioxidant. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which may damage the body's cells.
  2. Research shows that lycopene in tomatoes can be absorbed more efficiently by the body if processed into juice, sauce, paste and ketchup. The chemical form of lycopene found in tomatoes is converted by the temperature changes involved in processing to make it more easily absorbed by the body.
  3. In the body, lycopene is deposited in the liver, lungs, prostate gland, colon and skin. Its concentration in body tissues tends to be higher than all other carotenoids.
    Regular high consumption of fruits and vegetables is recommended as part of healthy eating. Epidemiological studies have shown that high intake of lycopene-containing vegetables is inversely associated with the incidence of certain types of cancer. For example, habitual intake of tomato products has been inversely associated with the risk of cancer of the digestive tract among Italians. li>In one six-year study by Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, the diets of more than 47,000 men were studied. Of 46 fruits and vegetables evaluated, only the tomato products (which contain large quantities of lycopene) showed a measurable relationship to reduce prostate cancer risk. As consumption of tomato products increased, levels of lycopene in the blood increased, and the risk for prostate cancer decreased. The study also showed that the heat processing of tomatoes and tomato products increases lycopene's bioavailability.
  4. Ongoing preliminary research suggests that lycopene is associated with reduced risk of macular degenerative disease, serum lipid oxidation and cancers of the lung, bladder, cervix and skin.
  5. Studies are underway to investigate other potential benefits of lycopene - including the H.J. Heinz Company sponsored research at the University of Toronto and at the American Health Foundation. These studies will focus on lycopene's possible role in the fight against cancers of the digestive tract, breast and prostate cancer.

So get thyself hither to Kerry's House O' Ketchup. Up and serving now at The American Mind.

Ladies And Gentlemen, Meet Randall Flagg

In a really stunning development, Bill Burkett, the source of the Kinko's document dump that cBS based their latest anti-Bush hit piece on, has a long-standing axe to grind with George Bush. Some of what the man has said in the past is enough to make me wonder if he suffers from a malady similar to Alonzo Spellman's and needs to renew his prescription for the Lithium Carbonate.

Burkett's accusations have run from the hyperbolic to the merely laughable. He has been called before for blatantly lying. He calls this exaggerating. Here's an example of what causes people to question his credibility.

Burkett wrote a long indictment against Bush for a Web site in 2003 in which he said he personally was ordered to "alter personnel records of George W. Bush." In that article, Burkett said that when he refused he was sent to Panama as punishment, where he contracted a disabling disease.

Prior to that he wrote articles against Bush for politically 'progressive' internet sites. One include the following overblown screed.

In an article Burkett wrote for the Internet last year he compared Bush to Hitler and Napoleon as one of "the three small men" who sought to rule through tyranny. "Three small men who wanted to conquer and vanquish," Burkett wrote. Burkett confirmed authorship of that article in the February Chronicle interview.

He also became active against Bush in Election 2000. He made the following debunked accusation back then.

During Bush's first White House run in 2000, Burkett told reporters he overheard both ends of a phone conversation between former Texas Guard commander Gen. Daniel James III and Bush's one-time Texas chief of staff, Joe Allbaugh, that he said occurred in the summer of 1997. That was similar to what he told Hunter's committee, the lawmaker recalled.

But that claim changed earlier this year.

In February, Burkett said he witnessed documents from Bush's records in a garbage can at a Guard base in Austin.

The only question I still have is who called who first. Dan Rather of Randall Flagg wannabe, Bill Burkett.

Update I: Michelle Malkin describes some of the other despicable things whacked-out leftists have perpetrated lately.

Update II: Wizbang notes the disparity in reliability between the sources Rather used those he chose to ignore.

Update III: Captain's Quarters notes the The NYT has been forced to eat crow when using Burkett as a source in the past.

Update IV: Powerline also berates The NYT for failing to fact-check before slamming anti-Bush propaganda onto page 1.

The Electioneering Of The Federal Bench

Are either candidate's military recrds really the business of the general population? It seems that the Liberal 527 Group The Associated Press believes at least one candidate's records are. They have filed a lawsuit under the Freedom Of Information Act to get all of president Bush's records put out on the street.

U.S. District Judge Harold Baer Jr has obliged them by ordering The Pentagon to go record-fishing one more time. Hopefully mysterious faxes of blatently forged documents from from the Abilene, TX Kinkos won't be part of their search. The fact that this suit was in front of this particular judge was propbably not a randomly-generated act of faith.

Judge Baer's previous C.V. suggests a certain political philosophy that may not necessarily hail a George W. Bush reelection victory. Here is an example of his previous jurisprudence.

On May 16, 1996 Federal District Judge Harold Baer, Jr. removed himself from a Manhattan, NY drug case saying his decision was "in the interest of justice" for the defendant (Don Van Natta Jr., "Baer, U.S. Judge, Removes Himself From Washington Hts. Drug Case," New York Times, May 17, 1996, p. B1).

Judge Baer ruled on January 24 that the search of Carol Bayless' car was unreasonable because police brutality and corruption are so prevalent in some neighborhoods in New York City that it is natural for people to run away from police. He said that even innocent people flee the police in Washington Heights, a neighborhood where officers were viewed as "corrupt, violent and abusive." Because he found the search unreasonable, Baer excluded 80 pounds of drugs as evidence and a videotape confession in which Ms. Bayless stated that she had made at least 20 round trips from New York to Michigan since 1991 to ferry drugs.

But just because Judge Baer caught the attention of The Spartacus Webblog by striking down a law that prevented demonstrators from wearing masks on their faces while demonstrating, doesn't mean he isn't a reasonable guy.

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - In a victory for a Ku Klux Klan group, a federal judge on Tuesday ruled that a New York state law violates the U.S. Constitution by barring public demonstrators from wearing masks.

In his decision, U.S. District Judge Harold Baer held that the law violates the free speech rights of the Butler, Indiana-based Church of the American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. If the judge's decision is upheld, members of the group would be able to hide their identities by wearing hoods and masks at future New York rallies.
The city said it would appeal."

In fact, there is an excellent opportunity for Judge Baer to show bipartisan concern for informational bipartisanship. It seems Judicial Watch has a litigeous intrest in John F. Kerry's records similar to that of the AP in George W. Bush. In reponse to this inquiry, it seems John F. Kerry's records aren't all out there either.

Navy Personnel Command FOIA Officer Dave German wrote in an e-mail to Judicial Watch that the Navy "withheld thirty-one pages of documents from the responsive military personnel service records as we were not provided a release authorization." A "release authorization" would have to come from Kerry filling out and signing a Standard Form 180, something he has yet to do. A Standard Form 180 would authorize the complete release of all his military records. Judicial Watch filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in August to obtain Kerry's military records.

So all Judge Baer would have to, in order to be the wonderfully fair-minded guy we all know he is, is just order The Pentagon to dig up all of John F. Kerry's information whether he signs the SF180 or not. After all, it didn't seem like cBS News or Judge Bear needed any sort of permission from George W. Bush to go through George W. Bush's past like a PI digging through someone's garbage.

Update I: Blogs Of War questions where Judge Baer gets the chutzpah to release someone else's military records to the public.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Say My Name, Biotch!

Mypetjawa shows us all how to make 'em just beg. For those of us tired of being known as "Vanilla Mice", he's got the Pimp Name Generator up and running. I'm Trick Magnet S. Jazz. Who's your daddy now?

Just Another Blogger In His PJ's

I'm really doing the stereotype today. My sinuses filled up witha veritable river of crap. I know how New Orleans will feel in Lake Pontchartrain lets go and floods. Yep, I'm just another blogger in his PJs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Yet Another Method Of Censorship

It seems Borders Bookstore has gone over to the dark side in a big way. This delightful piece was posted on their employee chat board in a discussion of "Unfit For Command." Some of what these people talked about I had some sympathy for.

Retail customers can really act like jerks sometimes. I've done that sort of job and taken the verbal abuse. The stuff about boxes of the book having to be sent back because they were "damaged in transit," should be grounds for immediate termination.

This cute little incident is the best advertising Hastings, Barnes and Noble or Amazon could ask for. So rather than yelling at a Borders clerk, simply refuse to have your shadow darken the mat in front of their front door in the first place.

Borders Books - Unfit For Command

Arabicon - Aug 21, 2004 - 07:17 AMPost subject: Unfit For Command

Last night when one of our supervisors told a customer over the phone that we're sold out of Unfit For Command, the customer apparently heard either "don't have" or "don't carry". He said, "It figures you wouldn't have it, you're a liberal bookstore," then hung up. Later in the evening, another customer claimed to have heard on the radio that we wouldn't be re-stocking the title for the same reason. Leave aside that we bow to the almighty dollar like any good corporation and would sell How To Tap Dance Naked in Public While Engaging in Oral Congress with Rodents if it was a bestseller, does anyone know where customer #2 got this idea (I actually heard the same thing in the cafe later in the evening from another customer)? Thanks, y'all.

tigrrrlilly - Aug 21, 2004 - 08:24 AMPost subject:

We've gotten countless folks in the past 2 weeks who have said pretty close to the same thing to us at our store. Apparently it's pretty prevalent lately, which would explain BINC putting in writing their official policy on political books. (if customers get pushy enough we're to make this available to them on an individual basis) At the expense of sounding like I'm passing judgement, conservative types seem to fall prey to these type of conspiracy theories a little too easily. Now the democrats are in league with the nations bookstores and publishers and conspire to keep dangerous books out of the hands of inquiring readers..... Come on. I've found that it's helpful to explain to these customers where books come from. The fact is that Regnery didn't have the foresight to print enough copies of books to meet the demand. The book is backordered- no one has it right now, and as soon as there are more printed, the book stores will get them in.

withrow - Aug 21, 2004 - 02:00 PMPost subject:

You can probably get Regnery's corporate number from Books in Print or off the web. I'd keep it handy and then whenever a customer asks for this book, tell them that Regnery isn't keeping this book stocked and it may be because Regnery is a pinko-commie-fag publisher who's trying to bury this story by not printing enough copies of this book. Tell them you even read on the web that Hillary Clinton is on Regnery's Board of Directors. And, after all, you did just read on the web that she's on the Board and that it's pinko-commie-fag publisher so you wouldn't be lying. Well, maybe you shouldn't use "pinko-commie-fag". How about pacifist lesbian outfit? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

guenevere - Aug 21, 2004 - 04:00 PMPost subject:

We had two men come into the store about an hour apart to pick up the book (which, of course, we did not have) and became a tad nasty--one shouting "Then I will go to Barnes and Noble and get it!" (like that is some sort of threat). However, we did have a college professor come in looking for it. She teaches a writing class and wanted to use it as an example of a "false book"--something perpetuated to be one thing but is actually something else. She said no way could h the fellow soldiers gotten together, written a book, sold it to a publisher and actually had it published in such a short period of time. She said there are loads of those books. And isn't $27.95 a bit costly for such a skinny book?

dr_queerlove - Aug 21, 2004 - 10:14 PMPost subject:

withrow wrote:
You can probably get Regnery's corporate number from Books in Print or off the web. I'd keep it handy and then whenever a customer asks for this book, tell them that Regnery isn't keeping this book stocked and it may be because Regnery is a pinko-commie-fag publisher who's trying to bury this story by not printing enough copies of this book. Tell them you even read on the web that Hillary Clinton is on Regnery's Board of Directors. And, after all, you did just read on the web that she's on the Board and that it's pinko-commie-fag publisher so you wouldn't be lying. Well, maybe you shouldn't use "pinko-commie-fag". How about pacifist lesbian outfit? Not that there's anything wrong with that.I love it. I'll be printing copies from BIP as soon as I get to work. On a lighter note, we actually found a copy in our store today--SHOCKING--and the woman who bought it was nearly rabid in her zeal and excitement. We should be able to charge extra, don't you think? I mean, aren't these neocons all about supply-side economics?

takahashi - Aug 23, 2004 - 12:30 PMPost subject:

We're "finding" that most of the few copies we're getting are damaged and need to be sent back, so sad. Too bad, Bushies! Regnery needs to be more careful. I'm hearing from people at 2 other stores that this seems to be common. Why should we help destroy what's left of our country?

redheadpixie - Aug 23, 2004 - 04:07 PMPost subject:

We've had rabid people in our store due to this book too. From a week before it was even released, people had been coming in or calling every hour asking for it. Of course, we had maybe 20 copies IT to us, which we knew would be gone immediately. And they were (but for one copy on hold for an employee, which I told someone to take and sell--because if someone on staff wanted it that badly, they should have bought it that night). We got in an additional seven copies, which 3 went to our SPO clerk to give to special orders (yes, only three rabid customers actually ordered it after being informed we were OOS). The other four were left in the back with a note: For Staff. That amuses me. I personally dealt with two venomous customers, making the same accusation about being liberal and purposely not carrying it. Thankfully, I have a fabulous phone voice and can be sticky sweet in explaining that there simply were too few copies printed, that we had already sold out of the copies were had been sent, and would be getting some as soon as the made a second run. One guy asked when that would be, I pressed, "When they make a second run."

Aarontrz - Aug 24, 2004 - 07:49 AMPost subject:

It's funny how these people react to you telling them there is no book for them today. Especially when they know "it's on the best seller list". I'm not sure who is taking more slack for this book, Kerry or the lowly booksellers who most likely wouldn't crack the book open if given a free copy. I want to get just one copy so I can tear it to shreds in front of one of these old grumpy men bent on conpiracy theory. I wish they really knew how little respect I have for them, even though they spent so long in the morning dressing the part of the right-wing a-hole just for that trip to Borders. The funny thing is that when the hype has died down, there will probably be hundreds of copies in the back and a full shelf of these books that will remind you of these people everytime you pass by or have to shelve the occasional one that will fit.

takahashi - Aug 24, 2004 - 10:56 AMPost subject:

You guys don't actually HAVE to sell the thing! Just "carelessly" hide the boxes, "accidentally" drop them off pallets, "forget" to stock the ones you have, and then suggest a nice Al Franken or Micheal Moore book as a substitute. Borders wants those recommends, remember? I don't care if these Neandertals in fancy suits get mad at me, they aren't regular customers anyway. Other than "Left Behind" books, they don't read. Anything you can do to make them feel unwelcome is only fair. They are the people pushing retailers to cut costs, don't forget. And they would censor your speech, your books, your music in a heartbeat, so give them a taste of it! Don't get mad, get even!

makeitstop - Aug 24, 2004 - 11:41 AMPost subject:

I've had people threatening to call Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, lady "warned" me yesterday that she and several others are trying to determine if BINC is involved in a conspiarcy not to sell the book and that they're calling bookstores everywhere. BTW, we got the publisher's # from BOP as well...hopefully that will at least give them someone else to bother about it. We have a Republican customer base [store is in a ultraexpensive shopping center where the only store the average BINC employee can afford to shop at is...Borders] so I'll have to continue to deal with this 10-15 times a day for a while now. If the wingnut publishing company wasn't so unequipped to release books on a national scale there'd be no problem....

- Borders Union.

Update I: Michelle Malkin seems to find the attitude of Borders employees towards their customers less than inspiring.

Update II: Varifrank invites the Broders Union to "talk to The Hand." The KoTM bad pun threat advisory level just went to code Orange.

Update III: The Drudge Report suggests the Borders Boycott hasn't met with much success.


Heeee's Baaaaaackk!!

NRO is pitching a hissy over the return of Mayor Marion 'The B--ch Set Me Up' Barry to prominence in DC politics. Me, I'm loving it! This is so bad it's funny. Boss Tweed wasn't this funny.

Several posts to the corner follow...

BARRY'S BACK [John J. Miller]In a supreme metaphysical sense, the return of Marion Barry is an unwelcome development. I wish he had lost yesterday. But it's also slightly helpful to Republicans, who can now refer to the "Party of John Kerry and Marion Barry" and not seem outlandishly retro.Posted at 09:28 AM

After this election they may very well just be the party of Marion Barry....

BARRY'S UPSIDE [John J. Miller]One good thing about Marion Barry: He opposes plans to have the District government finance a new baseball stadium intended to house the Expos once they leave Montreal. Public financing of sports arenas is a boondoggle--and Barry is right to oppose it. I'm far from convinced that he opposes it for the right reasons, but motives don't much matter when votes are counted.

Plus, Marion won't let DC waste all that $$$ he could be spending on ho's and street pharmacueticals instead....

D.C.'s OTHER BAD NEWS [John J. Miller]The headlines blaring Barry's victory have drowned out another story: the defeat of city councilman Kevin Chavous. I don't know much about the guy, except that he was one of the brave Democrats who broke ranks with his party to join mayor Anthony Williams and congressional Republicans in support of a limited school-choice plan for poor kids in the District. I would have preferred to see Chavous re-elected than to see Barry defeated. Oh well.

Come on, quit whinging...Mayor Barry put the fun into Fun Street.

RE: BARRY [Ramesh Ponnuru]
Barry claimed that Williams is too focused on renovating a "glittering downtown," and not focused enough on the downtrodden. The mayor's pursuit of a baseball stadium shows that Barry's critique is not completely wrong.

My favorite comment in the Post coverage was not Barry's remark that his victory was also a "victory. . . for God," but rather that of one of his supporters, who said, "He's just like Jesus." Except for the bit about getting caught in a cocaine sting with a hooker.

Now that post is how to properly enjoy having Marion Barry back in business. LOL!

Enjoy America, this year's political season just got much more exciting.

UPDATE I: The Queen of All Evil has invited us all to post interesting tidbits on her website. What could be more interesting than the man who epitomizes the distinction between wrong and fun.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

R. Kelly And The Congressional Black Caucus

If I were ever driven enough and lucky enough to actually make it all the way to congress, I think the last thing I'd ever do is schedule a press event with a guy who got booked for 21 counts of child pornography. I mean why throw a sop to the anti-family values vote? Who are they hoping to impress? NAMBLA?

In the CBC's defense, not all of it's members enjoyed being serenanded by the accused kiddy-plooker.

Congressman William Jefferson of Louisiana tells The Associated Press he "would not have invited R. Kelly" to the event. He says other caucus members were worried the singer's presence would end up overshadowing the event.

On balance, these members of congress should never have been willing to walk into the same building as R. Kelly.

The Sword Of Damocles

Hurricane Ivan looms in The Gulf Of Mexico. It hangs out there over the horizon. Almost as if it wants to mock people fleeing from New Orleans to The Florida Pan Handle. The Weather Underground models possible storm tracks. They appear to menace Mississippi and Alabama in particular.

People jokingly drink Hurricanes all along The French Quarter. If it weren't for the Margarita, it would be the best frozen drink known to man. Tonight these people aren't partying. They are hammering up the boards and then literally heading for the high ground.

A twenty foot storm surge could turn sections of The Big Easy into America's Atlantis. Wizbang blogs that "According to the experts there could be over 50,000 dead." If Ivan hits NO, I hope Wizbang listened to the wrong experts.

Hurricane Ivan could become a profound tragedy that dwarfs even the eruption of Mt. Saint Helen's in Washington state. Batten down the hatches, America. Do not play chicken with this or try and just ride it out. This storm is category 4. That means likely death if it hits near where you are.

Update I: Yahoo! News confirms that a worst case scenario could bury New Orleans under 20 Ft of sewage and toxic waste. Worse yet, the inundation would involve poisonous snakes and even fire ants.

Update II: NOAA tracks hurricanes. It predicts the following:


Never let it be said that we were not officially warned....

Update III: I just had a really unpleasant thought. If hurricane Ivan cleans out the Mobil and Marathon petroleum operations in and around Louisianna, we could easily be in for a major upward price shock in petro-chemical products. No official data yet, but Mr. Logic tells me that this could be almost as unpleasant as the storm itself.

Kerry Seeks To Repair His Base

It seems John F. Kerry has decided to reorient his campaign. He has gone from attempting to challenge George W. Bush in GOP strongholds such as North Carolina and Ohio to attempting to hang on to states that tend Democratic but are close at the present time. New Jersey, West Virginia, Iowa and Wisconsin come to mind.

This reorientation also extends to which audiences he performs his speeches in front of. Labor Day he stood in front of West Virginian Unionists with a Remington Shotgun. He looked like Vanilla Ice channeling Che Guevara. I can't be the first person to have humorous Tanker Mike Dukakis flashbacks after seeing that visual.

He has also attempted to solidify his large margin of support amongst African Americans. As a Democrat, there seem to be two tried and true methods to turn out black voters on election day. Method one, the Clinton Plan, is to empathise with these people and become almost like family.

Bill may have been very corrupt, but he did have as much psyche and charisma as a caucasian law school graduate can possibly manage. He could converse with these people rather than at them. John F. Kerry lacks that skill to the point where his efforts in that direction provide late night comedy fodder. He has to use methodology number two; The Gore War.

The Gore War consists of mobilizing African-American voters to fight an evil Republican enemy. The "Two Americas" rhetoric and references to Jim Crow and voter quizzes at the polls are The Gore War stock and trade. Despite the fact that the only current political leader with possible hands-on-training in how to lynch a black man is West Virginia Senator, Democrat, and Former Kleagle Robert Byrd, this method also works.

After three complaints from black lawmakers that Kerry wasn't doing what he needed to do to bring African Americans to the polls in large numbers, the Johns went into scaremonger mode. After reading up on his Biblical Passages for another Baptist Church dog-and-pony show, Kerry unleashed the following effluvium of Gore-Worthy Slanders.

Senator Kerry actually claimed that a million black votes were stolen in the 2000 presidential election. Even more astonishing was his speech at the end of last week to the National Baptist Convention USA, the country's largest black church organization. There he charged that the Bush-administration policies were taking the country back to the days of "Jim Crow": "The wrong choices of the Bush administration — reduced taxes for the few and reduced opportunities for the middle class and those struggling to join it — are taking us back to two Americas, separate and unequal." He also invoked several biblical references to attack the president (a quick Lexis/Nexis scan reveals no howls from the expected quarters) contending, among other things, that, as opposed to the Good Samaritan who stopped to help the man in need, George W. Bush "walked right by. He's seen people in need, but he's crossed over to the other side."

If there weren't two Americas prior to this campaign, John Kerry seems determined to get that one taken care of. I doubt John Kerry has the charisma to make his dog sit when he commands it in an insistant voice, so I doubt that Kerry and Edwards could successfully gin up a race war worthy of Oakland in the late 1960's. However, the poisonous rhetoric of hate and debased falsehoods does nothing accept exacerbate old grievances and prejudices.

Decent people of every color and origin try and stamp out the tragic legacy that has led to events such as the murder of the Civil Rights workers in Mississippi. Throwing around the old buzz words, Jim Crow for example, undoes the good and decent work that parents all over America have done to make sure our children bear a lesser burden of hatred than we did. John Kerry's recent racial panderings work athwart deceny and goodness. It's yet another reason that the man deserves to lose.

Update I: The American Mind describes another failed attempt by John F. Kerry to undermine George W. Bush; "Operation Fortunate Son."

Update II: La Shawn Barber issues no quarter to John F. Kerry for his race-baiting.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Yet Another Pajama Party! cBS Strikes Out Again!

It seems that cBS has attempted to smear George W. Bush with yet another false accusation regarding his Air National Guard service. Other than killing any reason for an ambitious man to even consider service in the reserves, I don't know what the Kerryites hope to achieve. Constantly gettingcalled out for poorly orchestrated political cheap shots will not improve John Kerry's image.

In the meantime, here comes the PJ Party on this one!

Update I: Wizbang compares John F. Kerry to opponents of Mike Tyson. I think this only because he hasn't started biting off ear-lobes yet.

Update II: Swimming Through The Spin wears an intresting outfit while he paddles through the pool.

Update III: Blogs Of War Calls out this DUmp. Again, The Blogsphere is one step ahead of Dan Blather.

Update IV: Aaron's Rantblog sells the PJ Party Swag. Don't go cBS hunting w/o at least one of these.

Sportsman John Kerry And The AWB

President Bush enraged the far right wing of the American spectrum by announcing his willingness to sign the Assault Weapons Ban renewal if such were to appear on his desk before the sunset date of the original bill.
Fortunately for Presdient W, congressional leaders like John F. Kerry got their script backward. They were against the AWB before they suddenly turned in favor.

And what a sudden turnabout it was. On Labor Day, Kerry bragged about his brand new shotgun and how it was made in the Good Old US of A. He waved it over his head like Che Guvara. Ok, like a whitebread, ofey, Vanilla Ice Guvara. However, it was the strongest endorsement of firearm use by the American Left since the Black Panthers walked around the campus of Cornell University with carbines.

So now we have a whole run of rifles, coming off the assembly line, with the following characteristics.

A folding or telescoping stock

A pistol grip

A bayonet mount

A flash suppressor, or threads to attach one (a flash suppressor reduces the amount of flash that the rifle shot makes. It is the small birdcage-like item on the muzzle of the rifle)
A grenade launcher.

Now of course a grenade launcher that puts .40mm grenades through peoples' bedroom windows were already strictly verbotten under The National Firearms Act of 1934. In other words, the AWB pretty much amounted to an exercise in propaganda. This is why George W. Bush had no issue with signing the thing.

If I were armed with a totally legal .30-06, I would have more killing power than anyone packing an AR15A2 which this particular law banned. It was an empty gesture; made by empty suits.

Kerry can scaremonger about the terrible rates of violent crime all he wants, but I'd be a lot more nervous if Kerry were waving around an illegal weapon in front of his adoring fans. It sets a terrible example for America's children and prior to the expiration of the AWB, that was exactly what John F. Kerry was doing.

The bill even bans the semi-automatic Remington 11-87 shotgun that John Kerry received as a gift on Labor Day in Racine, West Virginia. S. 1431, co-sponsored by Senator Kerry, says that an "assault weapon" is any semi-automatic rifle or shotgun with a "pistol grip." According to the bill, "(42) PISTOL GRIP — The term 'pistol grip' means a grip, a thumbhole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip." Kerry's new Remington has a protrusion below the stock, which a person could grip. The protrusion is not a "pistol grip" in the ordinary meaning of the term, but it is a "pistol grip" as defined by S. 1431. - National Review

The AWB died a well-earned death. If John F. Kerry doesn't rapidly purchase a clue, his candidacy is likely to expire on Nov 2nd. Just like the AWB.

Update I: Wizbang takes on Kerry's Gang Who Can't Shoot Straight.

Update II: Queen of ALL Evil (not just some) has become my new cool site of the day. Here she discusses one of John F. Kerry's shortcomings as a political leader.

If Kerry is so fucking concerned about these weapons then perhaps he should have asked someone to teach him how to write a BILL!

The Portrait Of Dorian Gray Endorses John Kerry

When Gary Gygax and several others invented the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Game, they had to guess at how to draw their goblins, hobgoblins and orcs of the worst description. The pictures in the old AD&D Monster Manual turned out pretty scary. However, they were probably inaccurate because they didn't have the most recent incarnation of Al Gore to sit as a model. If I were to describe this man as a portrait of Dorian Grey, I would probably have some guy named Dorian punch me in the nose. Gore is going down hill faster than Jean Claude Killey in pursuit of Olympic gold.

Gore no longer has serious political aspirations. However, he still has the right to show his rear end in public in return for large speaking fees. A recent Gore polemic include the following comment.

When Gore delivered his latest-in-a-series slam at the Republicans last week, faulting Vice President Dick Cheney for "sleazy and despicable" criticism of the Democrats, a White House spokesman dismissive responded: "Consider the source."

Wow! Consider the source, that is if you can stomach it. What a lowdown. Bob Dole maintained more of his gravitas and dignity after his viagra commercial with Brittany Spears. When you look into the political abyss, Al Gore calls you a Digital Brownshirt.

When Republican Party officials consider the source, they secretly wish MoveOn.Gore would book Chainsaw Al more often. He makes Mike Tyson look balanced, rational and restrained.

GOP strategist Keith Appell likens him to "some kind of cheerleader on acid."

The stuff Neil Young told people not to take back at Woodstock.

"Some of the things he has said have been outrageous and he says them in this high-pitched scream," Appell said. "I really don't know what to call that."

I do know what to call it. Several adjectives come to mind. Amusing, fortuitous, churlish and at the same time simply pathetic to see in a man who was less than 1,000 votes away from being elected President. The endorsement of John F. Kerry by Al Gore in 2004 may be one of the best endorsements to break George W. Bush's way in 2004.

Update I: Blogospherics claims that Al Gore is morphing into Michael Moore. Poor Michael.

Update II: In case you really want to see something scary....

Return Of The King Week I - Redskins 16 - Buccaneers 10

It's almost too bad that the expectations for The Washington Redskins have already been set so high. After last year's fiasco of a season under Steve "Shiny Pants" Spurrier, Redskin fans should embrace 1-0 like a long-lost sister. It's been awhile since these guys have posted a winning record.

As for the game itself, the story was defense and Clinton Portis. The defense put Tampa Bay Quarterback Brad Johnson on his can four times and created turnovers. Clinton Portis ripped off a beautiful 64 yard TD run on his first play from scrimage. Then, as time wound down, he plowed behind the newly refurbished 'Dirtbag' offensive line and killed the last five minutes of the 4th Quarter.

Great football? Not really. A win, oh yeah. The King has returned. There is once more a reason to follow Washington Redskins football.

Update I: Don Banks writes something positive about the Redskins. He seems to have noticed they have a defense. Ringing up 4 sacks and only 10 points allowed definitely started the season off with a bang.

Update II: I need to spread the word. Some people actually like other NFC teams. That will change as Coach Joe fuels the bandwagon up with victories.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Why Do The Dems Like Bob Shrum

Bob Shrum enters this year's political contest with a record of 0-7 in the big time as a political consultant. He has gotten more second, third and fourth chances than Ryan Leaf did with the San Diego Chargers. He advised Al Gore in 2000. George W. Bush appreciates all his hard work.

Maureen "The Queen of Mean" Dowd lays into Bob Shrum with the blunt end of the shovel in a recent NY Times column. She wonders why Bill Clinton is performing the first aid on John F. Kerry. She describes the wistful longing that some Democratic insiders have for Howard Dean. Yes, that Howard Dean.

As much as I would like to gloat more, I don't believe this would be wise. John F. Kerry has hired a deep and talented bench behind Bob Shrum. Michael Whooley owns the state of Iowa. An example of his scullduggery follows.

In 2000, Michael Whooley, now a Kerry adviser, ordered volunteers to clog the highways to keep supporters of Bill Bradley from getting to the polls. After 40 years of first-in-the-nation primaries, voters have built up a resistance to and have an expectation for rough stuff - FoxNews.

James Carville has the reputation of speaking with a forked tongue and delivering bushels of votes. His nickname "serpenthead" is a measure of the respect/fear that his name inspires. It probably has nothing to do with the fact he looks like the perfect Hannibal Lechter understudy.

So with two of the most viscious and successful political hatchett-men on as retainers, why would Kerry hitch his star to Bob Shrum? I'm convinced that it is the core beliefs of Shrum. Shrum epitomizes the philosophy of the modern Democrat. He is an avatar of the modern liberal.

So as avatar and icon to the modern left, what exactly does Bob Shrum really stand for? I believe he supports the graveman of his thesis with three main arguments.

1) History is a class struggle. Democrats are drawn to issues like income disparity, poverty and health care. This expresses a certain underlying nobility. The liberal wants to help and look after the underdog.

Where they miss the boat back to rationality is their desire to take it out on someone else. John Edwards' "Two Americas" speech puts Bob Shrum's axiom of class warfare on steroids. He not only tells us how awful it is for those less forunate, but he tells us exactly who's mansion to go and storm with the torches and pitchforks. The Two Americas speech may be one of the strongest expression of popularism since William Jennings Bryant gave "The Cross Of Gold Speech."

2) Government is the key to prosperity and wellbeing. Bob Shrum channels FDR and thus the central thesis of the entire Kerry Platform is that government is on the way to help you. Pell Grants will expand, Health care will be nationalized and lots of government will make everything better because "Hope Is On The Way."

This Shrumian construction suffers from two major drawbacks.

a) After 4 years of Bushism, it's hard to differentiate the two platforms. We've already fed the seniors a bunch of drugs and left no children behind. If our government did much more, The Russians would have to invade and liberate our nation from socialism.

b) All of these proposals are aimed at expanding welfare to the Middle Class. Edwards claims the richest 4% can actually pay for all this largess. Mr. Logic is throwing the red flag on the field and calling for an instant replay. With our budget deficit at record levels, massive government spending is not only stupid, but also wrong. Promising to do more of what George W. Bush did massively wrong won't bring in the votes.

3) Our first responsibility is at home. We should stay out of other nations' affairs to avoid entanglement. This has a time-honored tradition in American History. When George Washington stepped away from The Presidency, he offered his admonitions in his farewell address. The watchword for his day was to avoid entangling alliances.

As brilliant and charismatic as George Washington was, his words still left room for popularist revision, and misinterpretation. George Washington was warning against letting treaties and obligations prevent us from acting on our behalf in trying times. He was never arguing for isolationism.

Shrum could push strong isolationist line successfully, but even then he struggles with his own party's contradictions.

a) You are not successfully isolated if your borders are an open flood gate. Economic protectionism and the preservation of national traditions cannot succeed in an environment where anyone or anything can be dragged over the border with a wink and a nod. James Trafficant wore out his welcome amongst the new Democrats for pointing this out in speeches like this one.

b) The world is integrated to the point where anyone can reach into our country and take pretty much anything we won't sell. Our copyrights, patents and intellectual property can basically be pillaged at will. An isolated America is an America that will eventually fall as far behind the global power curve as the modern Middle East. Fortress America is a as much of a fantasy as Patrick J. Buchanon's presidential aspirations.

Bob Shrum stays in charge of the Democrats because he represents what the John Kerrys of America genuinely believe. His philosophy is something they take to heart. They will remain for Bob Shrum's beliefs and cannot bring themselves to turn against them.

Bob Shrum will probably soon become 0-8 in bigtime elections. This is notbecause he doesn't care and it is not an indictment of his fundamental character. Bob Shrum is living proof that a human being can simultaneosly be morally decent and morally wrong.

Update I: Dean Esmay also wonders why Kerry hasn't pulled Shrum and gone to his bullpen.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The Week Of Chaos and Fear

The week after 9-11-01 was one of great chaos. Like the Challenger Explosion and The Kennedy Assassination, this event defined a portion of everyone's life. It's one of those events that will evoke stories of where we all ere when the hammer of iniquity fell so heavily.

Here are some of my imperfect memories of what was a chaotic and tragic week for us all.

9:30 AM 11 Sep 2001 - I had recently started my tenure with USAOTC. I was on Fort Hood, at the Forward Test Site waiting for a set of test data. The test was the BCIS IOT, and I was wondering why the stupid internet wasn't working. Finally, came online. I saw a picture of one of the WTC Twin Towers burning. I wondered what sicko hacked the site.

I went over to the supply room where the tv news was usually on all day. It confirmed the worst. The World Trade Center really had been struck. A group of 4 of us watched in stun as the horror and the drama played out. Four planes were down, The World Trade Center and The Pentagon had been hit.

We all stood stricken by it. A tough and hard-bitten Infantry Major best summed up our mood as we watched the carnage on ABC News. "The sons-of-bitches got us. The absolutely f---ing got us." He sounded angry in a calm and dangerous way our enemies should have taken into consideration before they planned the first hijacking.

6:00 AM to 9:45 AM 12 Sep 2001 - Fort Hood locked down hard. The MPs barricaded the entries and had dogs out sniffing every car. The traffic backed up through all of Killeen, Tx. Highway 190 and South Fort Hood Road became snarled parking lots. Despite the frustration, we had each been imbued with a whole new fear of God. We all seemed willing to trade the inconvenience for security.

One contingent of people at our test site were from DC. The plane had hit the side of The Pentagon housing the DOD Acquisition activities. So ironically, most of the fear and mourning I heard on 12 September were for people who had offices in The Pentagon and had not been heard from in the last 24 hours.

One person kept saying. "Three months ago, I worked in that part of The Pentagon, three months ago...."

6:00 AM to 9:30AM 13 September 2004 - I did something stupid. I decided to ditch the traffic and chaos of the Fort Hood entrance gates and walk to work. I should have looked at a map before I laced up my street-hikers. The Forward Test Site was 14 miles from my house.

I made it in 3 hours or so and my feet burned. Despite my careless disregard for the skin on my two big toes, I still arrived before anyone else in my trailer.

The rest of the week was a disordered blur. My story was probably simple and not inspiring. Certainly not on a par with people who witnessed the carnage at Ground Zero. But there it is, for what it's worth. I remeber 9-11-01 and will not soon forget that week of chaos and fear.

UPDATE I: Dean's World and Aaron's Rantblog commemorate the attacks of 9-11-01. Both are classy and well worth visiting.

Ars Vitae: No Lika Da Gurly Mon!

The latest issue of The Economist reports on a trend that they find disturbing. It seems British pop music stations are glorifying raggae artists from Jamaica who sing violently homophobic songs. Two of these acts, Elephant Man and Vybz Kartel, have been nominated for MOBO (Music of Black Origins) Awards.

Gay Activist Peter Tatchell refers to these artists as "Jamaican Murder Music" and states that "they explicitly encourage their listeners to go out and shoot stab, club, stone, and burn lesbian and gay people." Perhaps he made these statements in reference to "We Nuh Like Gay" by Elephant Man or "Boom Boom, Bye Bye" by Buju Banton.

Having read the lyrics to Elephant Man's contribution to polite society, it would seem Peter Tatchell makes a valid point. A similar point to the one that women activists made about Snoop Doggy Dogg's masterpiece Doggy Style. This points to a fundamental conflict in the traditional alliance among contercultural elements.

Author Melissa Henry accurately portrays the fault lines that appear when tolerance comes a cropper with the iron liberal dictum of cultural diversity. Her punchline paragraph follows below.

In conclusion the deeply rooted homophobia that is mistakably reflected in Banton’s lyrics and that, more importantly, pervades the Jamaican society, is a very controversial issue. Not only is there the question of whether Banton is correct because he is singing about his culture but despite the fact that he is expressing his beliefs does he have any right to threaten the lives of human beings.

- "’Boom Bye-Bye in a Batty Boy Head’: Reggae Icons, Jamaican Culture, and Homophobia" by Melissa Henry.

However, she stops short of answering this deep and philosophical question. She appears to be against homophobia before she comes out of the closet in favor of cultural diversity. While I doubt very seriously that she considers violent anti-semitism a diverse part of the rich skinhead cultural patois, she gives us no basis from the concluding statement of her paper to reason otherwise.

What this entire sorry episode shows us is that our rush to embrace cultural diversity has come at a cost. There are some elements of certain cultures that need to be neglected from polite society. To clarify, we should never hate the person, but by no means should diversity and tolerance become Trojan Horses that infect our already debased modern society with the despicable pathologies of others.

Tolerance and diversity have a place in any decent society. However, this place does not involve their use as weapons to undermine the fundamental decency of our culture. We do not need to diversify through the toleration of knuckle-dragging barbarians.

Friday, September 10, 2004

So Why Would Anyone Suspect CBS

SKY PILOT (on lists about 48 different concerns that Dan Rather did not address as to authenticity of his memo report.

1. proportional spacing not generally available (no confirmation this type of technology was available at TANG)

2. CBS admits that it does *not* have the originals, but only original documents can be proven to be real; copies can *never* be authenticated positively...repeat: only original documents can be proven real. CBS never had the originals, so CBS knew that it was publishing something that couldn't be assured of authenticity

3. superscripts not generally available

4. Small "th" single element not generally available (not common, but available. Highly unlikely the machines were available at TANG)

5. 4's produced on a typewriter are open at the top. 4's on a word processor are closed. Compare the genuine Bush ANG documents, where the 4's are open at the top, to Rather's forgeries, where the 4's are closed at the top

6. Smart quotes. Curved apostrophes and quotation marks were not available – only vertical hash marks.

7. The blurriness of the copy indicates it was recopied dozens of times, common tactic of forgers (confirmed by CBS).

8. Signature block. Typical authentic military signature block has name, then rank, then on the next line the person's position. This just has rank beneath the name.

9. Margins. These look like a computer's unjustified default, not the way a person typing would have done it. Typewriters had fixed margins that “rang” and froze the carriage when typist either hit “mar rel” or manually returned carriage.

10. Date inconsistent with military style type. Date with three letters, or in form as 110471.

11. Words run over consistent with word processor.

12. Times Roman has been available since 1931, but only in linotype printshops...until released with Apple MacIntosh in 1984 and Windows 3.1 in 1991.

13. Signature looks faked, and it cut at the very end of the last letter rather than a fade when pressure would have been released.

14. No errors and whiteout (CBS used copies)

15. No letterhead

16. Exact match for Microsoft Word Processor, version disputed, but converted to pdf matches exactly.

17. Paper size problem, Air Force and Guard did not use 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper until the 1980s.

18. Overlap analysis is an exact match (see #15).

19. Absence of hyphens to split words between lines, c/w 1970's typewriter. (see #8)

20. 5000 Longmont #8 in Houston Tx. does not exist (actually does exist, but Mr. Bush had already moved TWICE from this address at the time the memo was written).

21. Box 34567 is suspicious, at best. This would not be used on correspondence, but rather forms. The current use of the po box 34567 is Ashland Chemical Company, A Division of Ashland Oil, Incorporated P. O. Box 34567 Houston (this has been confirmed by the Pentagon, per James Rosen on Fox News)

22. It would have been nearly impossible to center a letterhead with proportional spacing without a computer (not impossible, but for Killiam, who did not type, improbable).

23. Bush's grade would be abbreviated "1/Lt" not "1st Lt"

24. Subject matter bizarre

25. Air Force did not use street addresses for their offices, rather HQ AFLC/CC, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433.

26. Kerning was not available

27. In the August 18, 1973 memo, Jerry Killian purportedly writes: "Staudt has obviously pressured Hodges more about Bush. I'm having trouble running interference and doing my job." but General Staudt, who thought very highly of Lt. Bush, retired in 1972.

28. Language not generally used by military personnel.

29. Not signed or initialed by author, typist, or clerk.

30. Not in any format that a military person would use, e.g. orders not given by Memo.

31. Is the document original or a copy of an original? Why all the background noise such as black marks and a series of repeated dots (as if run through a Xerox).(Rather explained his document was a photocopy-brings up additional questions of how redacted black address was visible from a several generation copy)

32. The Killiam family rejected these documents as forgeries. Then where did the “personal files” come from if not the family?

33. Why no three hole punches evident at the top of the page?

34. Mr. Bush would have had automatic physical scheduled for his Birthday – in July! He would not have received correspondence.

35. Why is the redacted address of Longmont #8 visible beneath the black mark? This would have been impossible after one copy, but it would be visible if the document was scanned.

36. Why were these exact same documents available for sale on the Internet y Marty Heldt, of leftist web site Tom Paine, as early as January 2004? Is this where CBS obtained their copies?

37. Acronym should be OER, not ORET.

38. Last line of document 4 "Austin will not be pleased with this" is not in the same font and has been added!

39. Handwriting experts are not document experts – apples and oranges.

40. Lt Col Killian didn't type

41. The forged documents had no initials from a clerk

42. There was no CC list (needed for orders)

43. Subject line in memos was normally CAPITALIZED in the military

44. The forged documents used incorrect terminology ("physical examination" instead of "medical")

45. There was no "receipt confirmation box" (required for orders)

46. The superscript "th" in the forged documents was raised half-way above the typed line (consistent with MS Word, but inconsistent with military typewriters which kept everything in-line to avoid writing outside the pre-printed boxes of standard forms).

47. Regarding superscript - typewriter example had it underlined in the keystroke but the forged document doesn't.

48. May 4, 1972 "order" memo and the May 19, 1972 "commitment" memo typeface doesn't match the official evaluation signed 26 May 1972. Or does the TxANG have a new typewriter just for Col. Killian's memorandum.

Other than that, why would anyone impugn Dan Rather's journalistic integrity?

Update I: The American Mind describes this memo as The Smoking Gun That Wasn't.

Update II: The Spoons Experience was Rather unimpressed with CBS' pathetic self defense.

Update III: Power Line has extensuvely outlined aspects of Dan Rather's disingenous journalism.

Update IV: Michelle Malkin links to site that has suggested an advertiser boycott of CBS and an FEC investigation to determine if McCain Fiengold has been violated. She's feeling generous and is willing to settle for an Independent Commission.

Update V: Varifrank attacks this particular lie of Dan Rather with a finely honed tool of BS destruction; Occam's Razor.

Update VI: According to Drudge, the leading military experct cBS interviewed to legitimize their smear has retracted his support. Gruesome details below...

Saturday, another retired Air National Guard officer came forward to attack CBSNEWS credibility. Retired Maj. Gen. Bobby W. Hodges, who was cited by a senior CBS official on Thursday as the network's "trump card" in verifying the documents, said in an interview that he was "misled" by CBS and believed the documents to be forgeries.Hodges said that he was read only excerpts of the documents and never saw the documents. A CBS spokesman said the network stands by its report.

Rather embarassing....

Update V: Wizbang is naming names. The forger is....(I won't steal Wizbang's thunder.)


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