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Friday, August 13, 2004

Sorting Out Mookie

Muqtada Al Sadr seems to be nearing the end of the line, according to a recent post at Freedom's Truth Blog. He has risen up twice against US forces in his bid to replace Ayatollah Al Sistani as the head cleric of Shiite Islam in the holy city of Nejaf. The recent chaos in Iraq after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein has provided Al Sadr a fulcrum to attempt Al Sistani's ouster.

Al Sadr's and Al Sistani dispute how to best optimize the power of Iraqi Shiite Muslims. Al Sistani looks at recent Iraqi census counts and recognizes that they are the most numerous group throughout all of Southern Iraq. He feels that they would take office by landslide and dominate at least half of the country if Prime Minister Alawi called an election that was anything close to fair.

Al Sadr has a more radical approach. He wants an armed uprising against the coalition because he distrusts the current election plans and probably doesn't want anything to do with Democracy as a form of government.

Thus Al Sadr raised The Mehdi Army and has made enough trouble in Southern Iraq to earn the derisive nickname "Mookie" from the US forces who had to put his first uprising down. This would have been the end of "Mookie" several months ago except for three factors.

1) He is supported to the hilt by the Shiite Clerics who run the Theocracy in Iran.

2) Al Sistani recently needed a heart transplant. While Al Sadr hasn't taken a page from Ayatollah Khomeni's book yet and prayed that Al Sistani had cancer, he has viewed Al Sistani's health problems as a career enhancement opportunity, rather than a reason for mourning.

3) He hides in one of the most sacred shrines in the muslim world. We can't really unleash on Muqtada Al Sadr without running a high risk of collatoral damage. Smashing this shrine would probably make the entire Southern half of Iraq rebel and join The Mehdi.

Now Muqtada Al Sadr lies wounded in the sacred shrine. He is holed up with about a Battalion of Mehdi Infantry. Exceedingly p*****-off US Marines surround the compound. Al Sadr now negotiates, possible for his life.

We've let this man walk out of a seige before. This time we should require his personnal surrender. Muqtada Al Sadr is a constant and dangerous problem. One that we can't wage a more sensitive war on terror against. One way or another, Uncle Sam's Misguided Children need to give Mookie a good sorting out.

Update I: Vodkapundit suggests that a Al Sadr is tired and could really use a nice long dirt-nap. .50 cal martyrdom would certainly sort The Mookster out quite nicely.


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