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Friday, August 13, 2004

A Slow Boat To Cambodia

Captain's Quarters, has INMHO, led the blogsphere in covering Kerry's latest broadside of fertilizer regarding his exploits in Indochina.

TOUR OF DUTY author and John Kerry historian Doug Brinkley is rushing a piece for the NEW YORKER: to set-the-record-straight on Kerry's Christmas in Cambodia tale, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned.
Kerry has turned to author Brinkley for a "modification" after it was exposed that Kerry was not in Cambodia during Christmas of 1968, as he once claimed from the Senate floor.
The Brinkley piece for the NEW YORKER will now say that Kerry was not in Cambodia during Christmas, but rather in January, publishing sources tell DRUDGE.

We all know Kommander Kerry was IN VIETNAM, but did you know he was in Cambodia? Perhaps the real question was did Kommander Kerry know he was in Cambodia. He seems to be unsure, particularly when his spin doesn't play well politically.

Maybe he spent Christmas in Cambodia, maybe he spent it 5 miles inside Vietnam. Maybe John Kerry needed a refresher trip through the Navy's training course on navigation and map reading. Perhaps if he'd oriented his map to Magnetic North, not Grid North.

Bilge O'Really and several other members of the 'politically disinterested' media, have rushed to Kerry's defense. Rather than forming a truth squad and investigating the allegations made by the Swift Boat Crews, they've dug up enough dirt to assassinate their characters.

James Carville has no clue what Kerry did or did not do in Cambodia, but he sure knows what some of the Swift Boat Veterans have posted on FreeRepublic.Com. If Kerry were the GOP nominee, the media would have already declared Jihad.

Kerry might even have a plausible explanation for this pile of hooey. He needs to produce it before he rides any further into his own pile of dung. Otherwise, I'd be inclined to opine that John F. Kerry wasn't the swiftest boat on the rivers of Indochina.

Update I: CrushKerry does precisely that. It seems Swift Boat Captains are expected to keep Brown Books. Sort of like the Sit-Reps Army Commanders send up the Chain of Command. In other words, it was Kommander Kerry's bloomin' arse if he was ever unsure whether he was IN VIETNAM or in Cambodia.

Update II: QandO has also taken exception to Kerry's 'incomplete' recollection of calendar, location and azimuth during his stint IN VIETNAM and perhaps also Cambodia. Yet another blogger has decided that the man is either very stupid or exceedingly dishonest. In either case, he's Unfit For Command.


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