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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

The Mike Caldwell Candidate

Prior to stepping to the mound last Thursday to deliver his big prime-time speech, Senator John Kerry warmed up by throwing out the first pitch at a Red Sox-Yankees game in Boston. The pitch was a passed ball and by many accounts, so was his acceptance speech. However unimpressive Kerry's performance may have looked, he remains in excellent position to win and bring himself and his party to political power.

In this respect, he reminds me of Mike Caldwell, who pitched for years in the majors, always looked like he was about to give up ten or twelve runs, but then always left the mound with his team in position to win. Kerry, like Caldwell, has mastered the fine art of never quite screwing it up and always making the other guy go out and beat him.

Had Al Gore displayed the same level of competence in 2000, Kerry would still have no aspirations beyond the US Senate. Kerry takes no risks and makes few, if any, controversial moves. He's boring, but plays political prevent defense. President Bush will have to be careful not to make a major error and punch himself out.


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