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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Meatwad Vs Zero-Charisma

Chris "Meatwad" Matthews has done the impossible. He's made Bilge O'Really look fair and balanced. The man has made the election of John Kerry his primary reason for staying on the air.

He faced off against Neanderthal Knuckle-Dragger Patrick J. Buchanon. Who could a person root for between two of America's most pompous blowhards still pumping super-heated air? Who could learn anything from two of the most stupid and out-dated men who think the reat of us should listen to them hyperventilate.

Matthews: "Just a minute, Pat, we'll be back in a minute here. But do you want to say something?"

Buchanan: "Yeah, I do want to say something. Chris, I saw the show you did with Malkin. And there was, there was a misconnection there. She said-"

Matthews: "No, there wasn't. I asked her a dozen times to clarify what she was saying."

Buchanan: "She said, was it a 'self-inflicted wound'? And she said yes. And you were saying, was it purposefully done by Kerry? She should have said, no, it was the-"

Matthews: "Why didn't she say it when I gave her 12 times to do that?"

Buchanan: "Well, it was-"

Matthews: "Twelve times."

Buchanan: "Well, look, I mean-"

Matthews: "Just a minute, Pat."

Buchanan: "You can argue that with Ms. Malkin. But that, what she was saying was right from the book that it was a 'self-inflicted wound,' probably by a grenade that hit the rocks in front of Kerry."

Matthews: "Right. Of course we all know that kind of thing happens in war. The question is, was it purposely, did he purposefully shoot himself or not? That was the question that was being suggested by that discussion."

Buchanan: "I saw her and I do not believe she said it was purposefully-"

Matthews: "Watch the tape, okay."

Meatwad Matthews, Bilge O'Really, and just about every host on talk-tv these days coin their money through obnoxious badgering. An alternative has to emerge to these useless, ego-driven rant sessions. They waste air-time and do nothing to put out information or educate the electorate.

If I want carnel bloodsport, I'll buy the latest boxing mismatch on pay-per-view. That would be way more exciting than sweaty, fat, stupid, old whitebreads senselessly berating oneanother.


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