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Friday, August 13, 2004

Judges And Attorneys: America's True Nazi Party

The strongly partisan among both The Democrats and The Republicans will tend to find new and puerile ways to call the other side a bunch of Nazis. As if they were actually going to convince dedicated people of a different political dogma to recant by the sheer force of personal insult. This generally doesn't win any sympathy from an informed electorate and it also misses the gravest threat to individual liberty in our country.

For those who have membership in Stormfront and actually hope Nazis will get power one day, the totally dictatorial behavior of judges and attorneys greatly trumps anything that either party has on their 2004 Presidential Platform. A recent example occurred in Bowling Green, Va.

BOWLING GREEN, Va. -- A woman was sentenced Thursday to 10 days in jail for defying a court order not to smoke around her children.

Tamara Silvius was banned last year from smoking around the youths, now ages 8 and 10, as part of a custody arrangement with her ex-husband.

She allegedly violated the order during a trip to South Carolina for Thanksgiving. For that, Silvius was fined $500 and was given a 10-day suspended sentence on the condition she not do it again.

Yes, I know this stems from an agreement between her and her not-so-dearly beloved, but I'm also certain she was at least partially coerced into what she signed. I also know that this violates any semblance of individual liberty. Should we also detain pregnant women who eat too many bad things during pregnancy?

I personally don't smoke and wouldn't recommend the habit to any sane individual. However, there comes a point where we stop being America if a court can kick down our door and take us away for crap like smoking in front of our kids. Like Germany after WWII, the legal profession is badly in need of denazification.


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