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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I Hate It When Pessimists Are Correct

Nearly every conservative worth his/her salt knows the current income tax system fails in it's essential duty and grossly violates the rights of the individual American. Everyone with at least one foot still anchored to terra firma knows that some form of taxation remains a necessary evil. The problem can be defined thusly.

"If the current taxation as practised by the Federal Government of the United States is economically inefficient and morally worng, and if such taxation is a necessary duty to support the essential functions of the state, how can we do it better?"

Regrettably, the GOP leadership has an answer. An answer that would get about a B-/C+ for a grade in a really lenient liberal arts class. Here's a sampling of their "logic" on this issue.

The Drudge item served to highlight the indecisiveness that many Republican leaders have shown. A spokesman for Hastert said the speaker favors a value-added tax, but is open to sales-tax and flat-tax ideas. And House Ways and Means Committee chairman Bill Thomas has expressed an interest in holding hearings, but a spokesperson for the committee says Thomas wants "whatever is most politically feasible" and won't commit to one plan over another.

Reform has again lost out to lip service. As long as congressmen represent hopelessly gerrymandered districts and are payed to maintain a partially functional statis quo, this problem will not end up getting fixed. At least not until a coroner writes on someone's death certificate that they died from "progressive" taxation.


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