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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Gays Should Despise Governor McGreevey

Governor McGreevey has made it official. Homosexuality has now become the ne plus ultra of excuses for debased and ammoral behaivior. If society were nicer to gay people, McGreevey would never have been forced to keep his marital infidelities a state secret. He could have made like (B)ill Clinton and bragged.

McGreevey's homosexuality was news to most of New Jersey. This includes his fair-haired wife and his children. This also includes a number of Democratic Politicians who are avoiding McGreevey the way Superman runs from krptonite. Sen. Corzine is smelling the blood like a shark in pursuit of a wounded dolphin.

McGreevey wasn't completely motivated by a desire to come out of the closet. His relationship wasn't necessarily as consensual as he described it. Former aide Golan Cipal was quoted as follows by CNN.Com.

Cipel says, "He hit on me over and over ... Think about how scary it is when we are talking about a powerful man like the governor of the state of New Jersey."

Cipal wasn't taking McGreevey lying down. He was threatening to sue for sexual harassment and make more noise than the Boston Pops. So McGreevey knew that his days were numbered and the handwriting was soon going to be on the subpeonas if not on the wall.

McGreevey did decide to take care of his party better than he took care of his wife and children. He opted to date his resignation 15 November, and thereby forestall any chance of the Republicans having a governor's race to coincide with the presidential one. Senator Lautenburg, another Jersey Dem who plays fast and loose with election laws, sent his regards.

If there is a homosexual community that wants to be accepted as part of normal, mainstream America, they need to condemn this creep from the rooftops of West Hollywood and San Francisco. He does almost as much damage to them as NAMBLA.


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