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Thursday, August 26, 2004

The Enemies List Returns

There's a group of people out there making lists and they're probably checking them at least twice. Regretably, these people are not Santa and his Merry Band of Elves. They are the evil leftist radicals at NYC Indymedia and they are listing people they would like to see harassed.

They are also putting very detailed POC information out in the public domain. It would almost appear that they would like to see these individuals not quite make it home from work tomorrow. Under a file entitled DNC Working Group, they posted the names and addresses of all the delegates to the Republican National Convention.

They also posted the POC information of everyone in Protest Warrior and have posted graphics indicating they would like to see these individuals hung. It's amusing to see a whole website full of liberals sharing hobbies and diversions with The KKK.

This is of course occuring against a backdrop of increased protest activity that seems to be extending beyond the universally agreed upon rights of Free Speech and Non-Violent protest. Examples of planned activities follow below.

New York City police have expressed concern about the way some of these groups have used the Internet to disseminate plans for disruption. Among those messages cited:

  • "Go to a rifle, pistol or skeet shooting range, spend an hour shooting to saturate clothing with smell of gunpowder, go directly to a New Jersey Transit, LIRR or subway train headed for Penn Station.

  • "Try to have at least two people on a train in different locations, sit or stand near the doors as the train approaches the station, try to get near police and dogs, loiter as long as possible around the dog, try to pet it if possible.

  • "If the dog alerts on your scent, do not leave or resist; the situation will cause a major disruption of the train schedule. ... If there is more than one person on the train that causes a dog to alert, you can bet that the train will not be going anywhere for a long time ... neither will any trains behind it.

  • "It is important that the police call in all possible resources to investigate the situation. ... This will result in the maximum disruption. ... With any luck, Madison Square Garden will be evacuated.

  • "Rush hours are ideal, the final night of the convention, very good, too."
-WorldNet Daily

The best way I can think of for the internet to lose its status as a zone of free speech is for those rights to be abused and for people to die in large numbers from plans that are arrainged by internet hate groups such as Indymedia. Let's hope these nut-jobs return to their senses.

What Right-WingNuts Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols did was horrendous and unacceptable. Let's hope sincerly that the address-posters and demonstration coordinators over at Indymedia are not planning a Left Wing answer to the OK City Bombing.

Update I: Watcher of Weasals has found a new set of cretinous moorlocks to keep a sharp eye on.

Update II: SondraK posts her intense displeasure with the Fascist hate posters of the so-called liberals at Indymedia.

Update III: Aaron's Rantblog reminds us all that Indymedia received $376,000 from the Tides Foundation.


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