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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Buchananization Of Alan Keyes

A fiery orator always attracts a certain number of admirers. The English language, when beautifully rendered, will charm and befuddle the masses. To hear Alan Keyes go off on the stump is to hear a man channel a proud American tradition of religious oratory. To read a transcript of Alan Keyes is to wonder why the GOP would ever consider nominating The Unabomber for a US Senate Seat.

Keyes has long been a favorite of the far right wing of the Republican Party. He has unabashedly championed conservative causes that other politicians shun in order to improve their chances with more moderate sectors of the national electorate. This has been easy for Keyes. He has shown up in Presidential primaries with zero chances and thus has had no reason to care what anyone to the left of Chancellor Bismarck had to say about his positions on much of anything.

Keyes would prove amusing and rather fun to listen to if he would leave his shinnagans to merely getting arrested at demonstrations and waging Quixotic campaigns for the White House. Everyone loved William Jennings Bryant for his "Cross Of Gold" speech. Far less than a plurality of eligible voters believed he was sane enough to be president.

So what does the GOP do with a man with a silver tongue and a verbal rapier if he thwarts their cause by carrying rhetorical arms under their banner? They handle him the same way they handle Pat Buchanan. They put the man on a pedestal and let him rant. Then afterwards, the Buchananization begins.

a) They make a big deal over how much of an opportunity they've given him to shine. Not just everyone gets a Senate nomination. Their talking points will ignore the fact that this race in Illinois was "Operation Lost Cause".

b) They will express great regret over the fact that he said the things he said. They will disavow his radical statements with sadness and great disappointment.

c) They will contact him sometime after this race and explain to him that he will not ever represent this party in public again.

d) The Reform or The Constitution Party will offer him a place on their presidential ticket in 2008 and Alan Keyes will become another Gus Hall of the right wing.

The GOP could openly name this man as the deracinated whackjob that he sometimes is. This would offer a refreshing taste of honesty in the otherwise murky punch of politics. However, it would anger and disillusion the base of the GOP. The base that walks the precincts, puts up the yard signs and works the polls in early November. The GOP needs to respect these people.

The GOP can't keep this man around. He calls Barrack Obama a slave holder for his position on abortion, and demands a reparations tax break for ancestors of US slaves. A bunch of my early ancestors were run out of Germany by Frederick The Great. I demand UN reparations too.

So how do they handle the dilemma? They hand Alan Keyes a nice, long rope and he'll make like Judas, leave town and hang himself. They can't think of a more graceful way to fire an obviously disastrous employee. Thus the Buchananization of Alan Keyes continues apace in The Illinois Senate Race of 2004.

Update I: The Spoons Experience has analyzed the oratory of Alan Keyes and joined the fight - on behalf of Barrack Obama.

Update II: Daly Thoughts has listed two places where he couldn't bring himself to vote GOP. Dare I say it, perhaps Illinois is #3.

Update III: Michelle Malkin argues Keyes' latest brain flatulence is also pandering hypocrisy.


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