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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Who Is Phil Ossify? Why Is He Picking On Me?

The AnnClouter blog (1st Link on my blogroll) has a interesting philosophy quiz, if you feel up to some nerd wrestling.  It will tell you which moral philosopher you have the most in common with.
I took it myself and was somewhat surprised, but not much.  If I didn't hate shaving so much, Ockham and his razor would have polled better than 8th.

My Results:

Ayn Rand   (100%)  Click here for info

Aristotle   (85%)  Click here for info

Aquinas   (73%)  Click here for info

John Stuart Mill   (63%)  Click here for info

Nietzsche   (60%)  Click here for info

Epicureans   (57%)  Click here for info

Thomas Hobbes   (57%)  Click here for info

Ockham   (56%)  Click here for info

Plato   (56%)  Click here for info

Kant   (54%)  Click here for info


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