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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Time To Sue For The Big Bucks

I hate it when organizations are untrue in how they label themselves.  In response to this odious infamy, I'm suing MoveOn.Org.  Their name is deceptive and could potentially efraud people into giving them money.  I'd just hate to think that poor George Soros got defrauded.
MoveOn.Org connotates forward thinking, the following points demonstrate that this organization does no such thing.
1) There's the appalling Bush=Hitler obsession.  These guys are way behind the curve.  Saddam, Mugabe, Assad, Idi Amin; there have been a veritable plethora of dictators who murder because they can.  You'd think progressive forward-thinkers like MoveOn would update their agitprop.  They're still stuck in the 40's.  Oh, wait a minute, these guys I mentioned all had connections with the left in one way or the other.  No wonder MoveOn wants to continue using Hitler....
2) The coming election will be held this year, 2004!  The election of 2000 has been discussed and discussed.  That harbor has been dredged so often that the dredging scow has struck mantle and broken its blade.  Beat that dead horse any harder and PETA will see you turkeys in court.
3) The whole anti-war thing.  It's more retro than Joe's Crab Shack and doesn't even sell watered down drinks and popcorn shrimp.  Put the bong back in the closet.  The 9-10 mentality does not make hay in the post-9-11 world.
Thus, in the name of fair and accurate product labelling, I have no remaining options but to sue MoveOn.Org.  Perhaps Mr. Soros could make a few currency trades and then call me with an appropriate settlement offer. 


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