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Saturday, July 31, 2004

This Just In From The Senate Unintelligence Committee

John Kerry wants the pre-war intelligence on Iraq's WMDs to be a major campaign issue. Bush should definitely take him up on it. Big time. Kerry's first salvo went as follows...

Kerry also employed Paul Revere's famed midnight run and imagery of Bunker Hill to bash President Bush over U.S. intelligence failures.

"These are the places where people dared to stand up and put their lives on the line — to take a risk — for something they believed in very deeply," Kerry said of the Boston neighborhood where he was speaking.

It's a shame one of those places wasn't the US Senate. I seem to remember Kerry was in favor of funding the Iraq War before he voted against it. I just don't envision John Quincy Adams favoring The Declaration of Independence before choosing not to sign it.

"One if by land, two if by sea, and the message was right. Come to think of it, they had better intelligence than we do today about what's going on," Kerry continued, drawing the loudest applause of the event.

Kerry shouldn't be surprised that this is the case. His voting record during the recent session doesn't exactly conjour up images of Paul Revere's Ride. He never seemed to get around to voting unless he saw the whites of some lobbyist's eyes...

John F. Kerry missed 72% of 119 recorded votes held in 2003 on issues President Bush had taken a position on according to Congressional Quarterly - Kudo's To John Kerry

So here is a man who is a member of The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, who doesn't even go to work 72% of the time, who complains he's been misled on foreign policy. He'd have to actually show up before President Bush could feed him a line of Bull!


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