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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Rectum? They Darn Near Killed Him!

Hollywood has voiced a preference in the campaign for The White House, Edition 2004.  This doesn't surprise anyone and generally doesn't stir up much controversy or bad feeling.  Most people accept that
a)celebrities enjoy 1st Amendment Rights just like you and me, and
b) they tend to vote liberal Democrat on a fairly reliable basis. 
What has led to the recent controversies has been the manner in which many of these celebrities, often off Hollywood's B-List, have chosen to voice their preference.  Here are some recent examples of tasteless, controversial, or just flat-out dumb events that have occurred involving left-wing celebrities in this year's political season.
* At a John Kerry fundraiser July 8, Whoopi Goldberg delivered several crude puns on Bush's name. Complaints led to Goldberg's firing as a Slim-Fast spokeswoman and admonishments from both parties.

* At a concert July 14, rocker Ozzy Osbourne sang War Pigs while projecting an image of Bush with Adolf Hitler. After complaints, it was dropped from shows.

* Hip-hop artist Jadakiss' hit Why blames Bush for 9/11. He sings: ''Why did Bush knock down the towers?'' Some radio stations have edited out the line.
President Bush has jumped on the opportunity to attack Kerry for the behavior of his overzealous and often openly puerile celebrity supporters.

''The hate and vitriol that has surrounded Kerry's campaign has existed for months,'' Bush campaign spokesman Steve Schmidt says.

Democrats are distancing themselves from offending celebs.  In fact, they basically wish these people would put a sock in their mouths. 

Kerry spokeswoman Allison Dobson says: ''A lot of these things we don't have anything to do with. These folks don't speak for (us).''
In fairness to Senator Kerry, he certainly didn't instruct these idiots to do stupid things that boomerang back against his campaign.  However, his campaign should be diligent enough to research who these idiots are.  In the case of the 8 July Fundraiser, he should have been smart enough to get someone other than Whoopi.  

Her behavior with Ted Danson, and other negatives, should have been a red flag that warned a politician of sound judgement away from her as a spokeswoman.  Like Slim-fast Corporation, his reaction to the incident involved shutting the barndoor after the jackass had brayed in public. 

His choices in matters like this won't affect our country's history one way or another, but they do reflect how he organizes and goes about making choices.  Choices like Whoopi Goldberg and Michael Moore for his buddies should give any rational voter a reason to think twice before pulling his lever this November.


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