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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Oops! More Errorism From The 7-11 Commission

"You What????!!!!"  A rational mind would ask.   "You lost Top Secret documents!  WTF?!? No, excuse me, WTF'ing F??"
Then it dawns on the rational mind.  The man being interogated worked for the Clintons.  Those folks "lose", "misplace", and then "miraculously find" classified information all the time.   They have their own filing system.  It works as follows.
Class I documents are labelled "Bad For Polling Numbers."  The disposition of this sensitive material is such that it is for the eyes of Spin Doctors and attorneys only and should not be leaked to press.
Class II materials are labelled "Civil/Criminal Liability Possible".  The disposition is the same as Class I, except that people who view these documents are required to sign the "Squeal and Your Rug-Rat Takes The Dirt-Nap" Form.  Reporters and opposing politicians who view this material are to be immediately labeled gay Illinois Nazis with numerous connections to the NRA and Stormfront. 
Class III materials are labelled "OMG, Hillary's Gonna Fry My A**."  These sensitive documents don't really need to exist.  What Jack-Leg drew these up in the first place??!!!  I mean, I was trying to run a, Presidential Administration here!  What sort of backstabbing bastiche actually writes this stuff down?!!!
It worked for eight years.  Like the officiating of Los Angeles Laker NBA Playoff Games, it kept the status quo in place for years.  This whole criminal investigation makes Sandy Burger very inconvenient.  He needs to go away somewhere secluded.  It may be awhile before he ever comes back....
Enough with the Clinton filing methodology.  If that horse would only stay dead, I'd stop offending the PETA types and refrain from beating it.  The Rational Mind now moves on to the 7-11 Commission.
"What type of investigator lets a subject under investigation in the hearings carry around Top Secret evidence from them in his briefcase?  Does this mean that if the local PD/ Donut Shop Security Force catches me with a suspicious vial of white, crystalline powder, they'll assume it's just salt?  Maybe they'll let me carry this vial into the can while I drop a few kiddies off at the pool..."
The Rational Mind also wonders why Sandy Burger gets a wee bit more latitude from the 7-11 Commission than say, Condaleeza Rice.  Perhaps she should have been allowed one or two "memorandum mulligans" as well.  After all, these are friendly hearings.  They are only being held to get to the truth.  No blatant partisan intent hear, just MoveOn.Org, Sheeple. 
I don't what else to say about this pathetic farce.  I mean it plum whips my pair of Jacks.  The effrontery, the brazenness, the open and blatent contempt for the truth, YEEEAAARRGGGHHHHHHH!!!  (Oops, that would be plagarism.  Sorry, Governor Dean.) 


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