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Thursday, July 22, 2004

One Hot Minute

Congressman James Trafficant lacks Sandy Berger's friends and connections.  This hurts him because he has all of Sandy Berger's bad habits.  It's nice that the good people at Uncle Sam's Hotel are willing to give Former Congressman Soprano free room and board. 
Prior to incarceration, Trafficant was a master of the Special Orders Speech on the floor of The House of Representatives.  Perhaps it was a shame that the old highbinder was always chucking these oratical fireballs late at night; after the children manning The Clinton Whitehouse had snacked on their milk and interns and gone to bed.  Here is a classic stemwinder that could have have saved the 9-11 Commission a few hundred pages of writing. 

July 20, 2000

Mr. Speaker, a study finally admits, and I quote, `America's borders are so wide open, terrorists could easily smuggle a nuclear bomb across both our borders.' Think about it, 3 million illegal immigrants, heroin and cocaine by the tons, and now a report that further says it is so bad in some areas orange cones are used like scarecrows with no border patrol presence at all.
Unbelievable. We have soldiers vaccinating dogs in Haiti, while terrorists can bring nukes across our border. Beam me up here. Who master-minded this policy? The Proctologist Association of North America?
Mr. Speaker, I yield back a disaster waiting to happen on the borders of the United States of America with a Congress sleeping at the switch.

Perhaps if Trafficant had always wielded the foresight of  Nostradamas, he would have hired OJ's legal team.  Regrettably, his words were ignored like those of Cassandra, who also warned of foreigners who came bearing gifts


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