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Friday, July 16, 2004

McKinney Returns On An Ill Wind

I can only hope that Michele Malkin and the JWR have merely hit the panic button when they forcast a return to national prominence of Cornell University Professor, Cynthia McNutJob.  Here are some gruesome details of why this woman needs to be deported to Yemen, rather than elected to Congress again.
Her campaign donors frequently show up on most wanted posters.  Here are some prize-winning examples.
In 2000-'01, she got $3,000 from Abdurrahman Alamoudi, founder of the Washington-based American Muslim Council.
In October 2003, Alamoudi was arrested and charged with engaging in illegal financial transactions with the Libyan government. Court documents allege he's given financial backing to Hamas and al Qaeda. He is also cooperating with the FBI regarding his role in a conspiracy, allegedly headed by Libya's Col. Moammar Khadafy, to murder Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.

In 2000, she got $1,000 from Sami Al-Arian and $1,000 more from his wife. Al-Arian is the former University of South Florida professor who was indicted last year on charges that he served as North American leader of the terrorist organization Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

McKinney has also accepted substantial donations from individuals linked to the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, the Benevolence International Foundation and the Global Relief Foundation — three Muslim "charitable" organizations now labeled Specially Designated Global Terrorist entities by the U.S. Treasury Department.

McKinney has led the charge on behalf of conspiracy theories that President Bush knew all about 9-11 and did nothing to stop it.  She and her father are vocal in their anti-semetic beogtry.   According to the venerable Mr. Mckinney, the only reason Darling Cynthia ever lost an election is because of "J-E-W-S, Jews".   Based on her donor list, Cynthia McKinney is a rotten apple that hasn't fallen far from a poisonous tree. 
I can only hope the voters in her district have too much self-respect to allow this nut-case to represent their hopes and aspirations.  No matter how much this woman's stupidity helps the GOP on the national level, she is a blackguard and a malefactor.   I can only hope that she will never hold elected office again.


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