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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Liberty Caucus Vs. Republicans

I'm thinking I've found a group of people who have figured out how to expand personal freedom w/o straying too far towards anarchy.  The Republican Liberty Caucus has committed itself to fighting for individual rights from within the aparatus of the Republican Party.

As adopted by the General Membership of the Republican Liberty Caucus at its Biannual Meeting held December 8, 2000.
WHEREAS libertarian Republicans believe in limited government, individual freedom and personal responsibility;
WHEREAS we believe that government has no money nor power not derived from the consent of the people;
WHEREAS we believe that people have the right to keep the fruits of their labor; and
WHEREAS we believe in upholding the U. S. Constitution as the supreme law of the land;

They follow this up with a comprehensive program that extends civil liberties and empowers the states and localities.  Also, the badly written Campaign Finance and Taxation laws go in for a badly needed overhaul.  This platform, I believe, is a measured, intelligent way to extend the rights of the individual without loosing disorder.


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