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Saturday, July 17, 2004

The Issue I Like Bush Least On

We really need our government to stop giving away other people's money.  It fails to live up to Robin Hood's noble ideas.  If only Uncle Sam really took from the rich and gave to the poor.  Instead, he sends the IRS to pillage the suburbs and then gives it to the trial lawyers.
As an antidote to the redistributionist policies of left-leaning politicians, I've habitually, almost reflexively, voted GOP.  Thus, when a Republican opens the coffers to feed the Leviathan, it leads to profound dissonance.  Therefore, The Prescription Drug Panderation Act is the absolute least positive move that George W. Bush has made since taking office. 
Regretfully, the Bush Administration has decided to put the already avidupois Prescription Drug Panderation Act on a Michael Moore diet.  They have now decided to let people use the benefit on weight loss drugs.  Maybe the next time someone gets a hangover, this bill can pay for a shot of "Hair of The Dog". 
I feel sorry for people who need expensive drugs.  (At least of the legal variety.)  What I don't understand, is where we're ever to draw the line.  We need to draw it somewhere.  We will need more than a bunch of drugs to solve our problems if we don't,


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