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Friday, July 16, 2004

I'm An Underblog And I'm OK.....

It seems that there is a growing sense of jealousy towards blogs that get more hits than others.  Kevin over at Wizbang posted a compendium of criticisms directed at the Overblogs.  It follows below:

BoingBoing - I find it so NOT interesting.
Stephen Den Beste - The bloke is a complete blowhard that does not understand that brevity is the soul of wit.
Kevin Drum - He reminds me of the kid who used to finish the jigsaw puzzle by squishing two pieces together and whacking them with their Playskool Workbench mallet until they fit together.
Rachel Lucas - One trick pony.
Hugh Hewitt - He seems to get an awful lot of gushing praise flung his way - and from neither his blog nor his radio show do I see why.
Kos - A wanker of unparalleled proportion.
Josh Marshall - You'd think readers would get tired of being told they were idiots. Plus, people in black turtlenecks and Lisa Loeb glasses piss me off.
Michele (a small victory) - I've seen nothing there that compels me to go back.
Oxblog - Nearly unreadable unless you speak Wonk as your native language. That's Wonk as in "Policy..." not as in ...ette".
Oliver Willis - His knee jerks so much he's getting a repetitive stress injury.
Pandagon - Dimbulb fratboys.
Protein Wisdom - 90 percent of the time it's like reading Hokusai translated into English by Stevie Wonder on a manual typewriter.
Glenn Reynolds - Because even a 12 year old can link to every page on the planet.
Andrew Sullivan - Increasingly narcissistic, silly, and whiny.
Venomous Kate - She pretty much invented the concept of empty self-promotion.
Wonkette - Just-plain-creepy.Remember they're not booing, they're saying "Looooouuuuu"...

I have only one thing to say.  None of these pikers are anywhere near as obnoxious, self-promoting or snarky as I am.  I rule, where is my denigration.  I am a one-man Carnival of Vanities.  A veritable Army of One.  I am the overblog....
They are not the overblogs.  "Lies," I say.  "Lies, Lies......" 


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