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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Hack Attack!!

I've nearly become innured to the snarky, mean-spirited attack-dog mentality of hard-core liberals in political debates.  I'm not talking about the misguided compassion of someone who thinks the government should spend more of my money on daycare centers or homeless shelters.  I'm talking about the reflexive, offensively stupid viewpoint that anyone who doesn't agree with that sort of liberalism is psuedosapient and beneath contempt.
This manifests itself in two ways.
a) Liberals of this foul ilk will tend to believe all conservatives who aren't in favor of using tax dollars to help the less fortunate are hard-hearted, hard-headed and cruel.  Homeless Activist Mitch Snyder fit firmly into this category, prior to his unfortunate demise.
b) Once a liberal reaches this point, they come to believe that a liberal end always justifies whatever means are needed to accomplish it.   Or to quote Stalin apologist Jimmy Durante, "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs."
This second hallmark of off-The DSM Index political leftism brings us to Peter Beinhart's recent behavior over Hugh Hewitt's questions regarding Sandy Berger. 
Beinart snapped that Hugh was getting his “marching orders from the RNC,” which is lunatic nonsense. Even if I didn’t know Hugh, I do know the talk radio business, and people don’t get a daily briefing from Lord Rove, okay? It’s the sort of thing said by people who do – not – understand – talk radio, and think it’s orchestrated by chortling neo-cons smoking cigars with a Star of David on the band. Not to say Beinart believes that, but I’d never heard him put on the waders and head into the fever swamp before, so that was odd. But he followed it with a hissy-fit completely irrelevant to the topic, demanding to know if there were two issues where Hugh thought Kerry was better than Bush. Hugh couldn’t think of any.

“Then you are a hack,” Beinart spat. And he said it again, and again. “You are a hack.”
-James Lileks.
So first of all, Hewitt was obviously a second-rater and raving wingnut for having the audacity to even question Sandy Berger's right to walk into The National Archives and purloin incriminating documents at will.  Secondly, Bienart was perfectly justified in showing Hewitt no respect or dignity whatsoever when the cause at stake was the wellbeing of liberal political ambitions in the election of 2004. 
It's as if Bill Clinton had paged Bienart with the catch phrase "Legacy cleanup on aisle 9!"  Therefore Bienart had no obligation to behave in a civil or respectful manner to Hewitt.  Given the choice between civilization and liberalism, Peter Bienart has offered a hideously obvious answer as to which of the two he would choose.


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