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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Fingers Crossed.....

This one is tough!!!  A recent report states the Iraqui Security Force has found three nuclear missles hidden in Tikrit, Iraq.  An official in the Iraqui government denied the story in direct and certain terms, calling it "Stupid!"  However, the Iraqui  Government also has requested that the UN send the inpectors back in. 
If this would be great news for President Bush and everyone who believed him and supported the war.  Including, ironically John Kerry, if he spun it well.  This would also be terrible news for President Bush, and the rest of us as well....
I want the story to be true....
I want to see all the doubters eat crow.  There sure would be enough of it out there to even feed this one.  Fahrenheit 9/11 my A__!!!
Also, I want to believe we did the right thing in Iraq and that WMDs were one of the right reasons.  I want this guy to look like the utter manure-shoveler that he truly is. 
However, I also want it to be false....
The proliferation of nuclear and chemical weapons throughout the world is a terrible thing.  The Doomsday Clock would be inching steadily towards midnight or High Noon.   I think the WMD threat briefed by Colin Powell and by the British is very real.  I just still hold out hope that it isn't quite this real.



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