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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Creep For Veep - Vote For Deadwards, Lest He Sue!

Kerry has made it officious, I mean official. His choice for Vice-Presidential running mate; John Deadwards. Clearly, Kerry has his reasons. However, the choice also offers vulnerabilities.

1) Positives of Deadwards include the positive media image John Edwards finished the Democratic Primaries with. He became sort of a lovable mop-head to the various commentariatniks who followed him through a series of primary states before Kerry ground him up like cheap veal. He was seen as the clean and cheerful anti-Dean; far too polished to ever offer up an "I Have a Scream Speech" after a frustrating loss.

2)John Edwards has also served in the US Senate. He defeated Senator Faircloth in 1998 to represent North Carolina until boredom set in and the Oval Office began to beckon.

3) Edwards is seen by policy wonks as a visionary 21st Century Populist from humble origins. His "Two Americas" Speech won him respect and much treacly, smoochy wonk-love from adoring journalists and Poli-Sci academics.

4) Finally, he is living proof that the Southern Democrats did all retire in synonymy with Bill Clinton. Two or three upset victories in this region elect John Kerry President.

Deadwards also tows along considerable baggage.

1) His primary campaign lost in over 80% of the races it attempted. He doesn't command a zombie hoard of Dean-Heads who will mindlessly forward him credit card numbers. There is no John Edwards groundswell. He usually managed to be a 2nd or 3rd least frightening of about 7 or 8 evils.

2) He made his living suing OBGYN practices. He personally raised the cost of practicing medicine in North Carolina.

3) His populist upbringing and trappings are fake. He's as much a man of the people as Mercedes Luxury Car Driver Pat Buchanan.

4) Edwards has offered virtually no new legislative actions during his term in office. He was as dynamic as a doorstop. He could be nicknamed "Senator Photo-Op", except that Senator Schumer always succeeded in racing to the camera more swiftly. He, like Senator Kerry, missed the lion's share of his scheduled votes while out on the hustings this past year.

In summation, Deadwards was not even the best pick of an inferior litter. The Dems will cheerlead for The Breck Girl and Kerry will bounce as a result of his choice. Once the bounce fades away, Kerry/Deadwards will begin to stink like rotting fish.

They will have to produce substance. Neither man has any. They both seem non-corporeal when it comes time to produce any genuine ideas. They would each have to vastly expand their intellectual horizons, before they could appear two-dimensional.

Kerry/Deadwards might even win. They won't really look stupid until they actually have to face a serious hurdle. Let's hope one gets set in their path sometime before November 2004.


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