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Friday, July 09, 2004

The Cheney Conspiracy

What if the entire gossip over whether Cheney would remain on the ticket was more than idle speculation? What if it were an evil plot accomplish some mystical end that only Master-Schemer Goerge W. Bush knows about.?

Here's one amusingly paranoid blogger's theory as to why Cheney won't be going anywhere...

Media Impacts: Kerry unveils his running-mate, but all everyone wants to talk about now is Dick Cheney and whether he will stay on the ticket. This dampens the already mediocre "Edwards bounce"... Instead, people are talking about how Bush no longer needs Cheney's foreign policy credentials, and creating a mental separation between the two (which, to a degree, innoculates Bush from the Halliburton link, whether or not Cheney stays on the ticket)

Party Leadership Impacts: If Cheney remains on the ticket, there will be a void in the GOP Leadership, not unlike that within the Democratic party this year. Republican power-brokers may be urging Bush to annoint a successor to the Party leadership by naming him or her as his running-mate.

Nostra Famiglia: The one thing that might lead Bush to avoid appointing a successor is the Family's desire to give Jebby a chance to be something more than Governor. Blood runs thicker than pacemakers...and this may be what saves Cheney's backside.

Interesting theories all three. My take is much more simple. What if President Bush doesn't knife his personal circle in the back for his own gain. That would preclude Cheney from being dumped in some last minute vile peculation.

This involves taking out Occam's Razor and hamstringing a few of the wierder conspiracy theories that are currently out there. This is not a real problem for the fans of The Twilight Zone that keep coming out with new ones. They can always do what TNR did yesterday and recycle the "Bush Has Osuama In a Cave Theory" for kicks.


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