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Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Berger Gets Fired, Kerry Avoids The Grill

John Kerry demonstrated once more why he will give George W. Bush fits this November and quite possibly win.  He wasted no time in jettisoning Sandy Berger without a chute.  His statement follows below.
"Sandy Berger is my friend, and he has tirelessly served this nation with honor and distinction. I respect his decision to step aside as an adviser to the campaign until this matter is resolved objectively and fairly."
Kerry's statement was spot-on for 3 reasons.
1) He announced bad news in a reasonably positive manner.  He fired Berger without any obvious rancer whatsoever.
2) He left the door open for a triumphant return if the NY Times and other media outlets can lie well enough to 'exonerate' Berger.
3) He shut up rapidly.  There isn't much here to pin on Kerry. 
The man is smooth.  He will run a tough campaign.  Support our President to the hilt.  This will be one heck of a fight....


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