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Friday, June 18, 2004

Who Profits From The Fallujah Circus

All things happen for a reason. That reason sometimes embodies God's plan. Other times it involves grubby people doing grubby things for filthy lucre. Despite the involvement of religious leaders in the Iraqi Resistance, the circus being played out in Fallujah, Iraq couldn't be more secular.

Fallujah represents the probable wellspring of nearly every hostile element opposing the US presence and the formation of a new, Democratic government in Iraq. The recent public hanging of four American contractors in Fallujah demonstrates that their dislike of Americans expands far beyond rational disagreement.

The emotion and the incitement of religious leaders such as Muqtada Al Sadr aside, someone makes a pile of money out of this entire fiasco. Al Sadr himself, got into this for the power. His activities in the Iraqi Resistance have more to do with his desires to supplant Ayatollah Al-Sistani atop the local religious hierarchy than they do with any love of God and country.

Al Sadr, and the resistors in Fallujah, have attracted the interest of outside investors. People who expect a return on their investment. Iran has dispatched their thuggie errand boys Hezbollah to support the Fallujah uprising. This assists then in expanding their power in Iraq. Particularly in the oil rich Shiite Hinterlands.

Al Qaida has gotten active in Fallujah. Intelligence reports have identified Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi as present in the city. Fallujah provides Al Qaida with a beachhead in otherwise increasingly hostile territory.

The international media comprises the last and most disgusting of the Fallujah profiteers. Iraq The Model blogger Ali recounts the efforts of Al Jazeera reporters to produce pro-Saddam footage from Fallujah.

"Soon after Saddam was captured, a reporter from one of the Arab satellite channels, and I don’t want to mention its name, came downtown, gathered a bunch of teenagers, handed each one of them 20US $ and gave them some pictures of Saddam. He then asked them to shout and dance and made a great report out of it. The same thing happened again in exactly the same manner!"

Fallujah has proven nettlesome to the US Marines sent to pacify the city. So much so that they have turned over day-to-day patrolling operations to local Iraqi forces and assumed the role of a large quick reaction force that comes when the local regulars need back up. This situation is a dead weight loss to the Iraqis stuck living there.

However, not everyone loses sleep or even money, over the travails of pacifying Fallujah. Until violence and killing stops paying off in Fallujah, running a funeral parlor in that city will be a business that never dies.


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