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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A Vile and Repugnant Little Man

The passing of Ronald Reagan brought grief to many people who knew him well. To nearly everyone with an emotional commitment to conservative politics, President Reagan towered above most other politicians in the modern era. The contrast between Reagan and Carter has continued to influence how I view the differences between conservatives and liberals.

Not everyone holds this view of Reagan's presidency. Intelligent people should be able to respectfully disagree, without failing to express sympathy and condolences to the family of the deceased. Senator Kerry, despite or perhaps because of his current Presidential candidacy, provided an excellent example of how to express this difference of opinion in a respectful way. He was able to decently eulogize the dead without necessarily endorsing all of that person's actions while living. Even Senator Edward Kennedy, who fought Reagan tooth and nail during the 1980s, offered very decent and complimentary sentiments, upon learning of the former President's demise.

The same, however, can not be said for the "Not the Reagan Democrats" who opine more vociferously on issues of the day. Chic liberal gadfly Theodore Rall offers us the opinion "I'm sure he's turning toasty brown right about now." Perhaps theological insights from the terminally agnostic should be judged facially invalid. Maybe this should pass without mention, like a flatulent cloud at a cotillion dance.

Except that for Ted Rall, this appears to have become a pattern. The man goes after the recently deceased in hopes of making his points. That, regardless of whether Mr. Rall has anything to point out of merit, should disgust decent human beings of every political orientation.

The ghoulish, mordant Rall had plenty of aspersions to cast on the corpse of Pat Tillman, as well. He called him a dupe and a simpleton. He waited until after the friendly-fire incident that took Ranger Tillman's life rendered Mr. Tillman incapable of any response.

If I felt like calling someone an idiot, I'd call that person an idiot to his face. That way the idiot in question could respond and verify his status.

Ted Rall lacks the manhood to take his opponents straight-up, mano-a-mano. He waits until Reagan has passed beyond hearing and then tells us what he really "thinks".

Ted Rall knows Reagan would have dismantled him the second that he rose to a level of stature to be worthy of being dismantled by a gentleman such as Ronald Reagan. He knows this and waits until Reagan lies in state to publish his venomous insults for the consumption of his deracinated followers.

Senator Edward Kennedy frequently let Ronald Reagan have it with both barrels of the insult shotgun. He said things about Reagan's intellect and moral stature that probably made Reagan want to beat Senator Kennedy like a recalcitrant, red-headed stepchild. But there is a key and fundamental difference between even Edward Kennedy's most vulgar vituperations and the calumny of Ted Rall's vile postmortem.

Kennedy said what he had to say while Reagan was alive and still had possession of his mental faculties. Kennedy felt ready to accept whatever counterpunch Reagan felt condign in throwing his way. He could forget the political battles and show Nancy Reagan a measure of decency, once the former president had died.

I never believed what I'm about to say would be true of any human being. However, in the case of Ted Rall, the shoe fits and the little creep should wear it. Ted Rall lacks the basic class and dignity to shine Edward Kennedy's Senatorial penny-loafers.


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