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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

They Knew It Was Coming And Stood By And Watched

Soldiers from the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division recently detained three members of an undisclosed media outlet. They took them back to their encampment and asked them several hours of questions regarding a recent roadside bombing that took place near Mosul.

This type of Draconian military behavior should have spawned days of accusatory headlines in 80 font type. Seymour Hersh should have donned the tin-foil hat weeks ago and told us the story behind the story. This should dominate the antiwar outlets of the US media.

This time, that isn't going to happen. Why no outrage? The reason is simple. The media don't want the entire story told on this one.

The media feels this recalcitrance because this story would embarass them as knaves if all the fulsome and scurvy details ever came to light. To the point, these media members knew the time and location of an IED attack aimed at US soldiers, and did nothing to warn our troops. Instead, they sat there with cameras rolling when the bomb went off. God rode with the convoy of soldiers and the bomb failed to strike it's target.

What the IED accomplished, was the stark revelation of exactly how anti-american our major media outlets have truly become. These reporters and photographers wanted some good, gruesome lead footage and were quite content to let their own country lose soldiers.

Incidents such as this could change public perceptions of the media in a way they would never want to see happen. It wouldn't take Protest Warrior long to march with the signs reading "No Blood For Footage".


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