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Saturday, June 12, 2004

Ruck'd - What A Letdown! NZ 36 - Eng -3

Some rugby matches hurt just to watch. This one fell squarely into that category. New Zealand ended England's 12 game Southern Hemisphere winning streak the way Attila The Hun ended Rome's reputation for military dominance. will tend to hyperbolize match reports. This time they ran short of superlatives and their metaphors grew fatigued long before the The All Blacks had finished brutalizing England's tight five.

The stunned fans of the RWC 2003 Champions will make much ado over the fact that England went to war minus Johnnie Wilkinson, Martin Johnson and the bulk of their fire and determination. I'm guessing this will be the last time they leave home without their star fly-half.

However, when the opposition runs the opening kick-off 30 or so meters down your gullet, having the best #10 on the planet will only help you if the opposition is stupid enough to foul. The All Blacks were not, the score was 7-nil very early on in the proceedings. England took that a bit personally and managed a retaliatory sortie which culminated with Charlie Hodgson scoring 3. Little did Clive Woodward know, this would close the book for "The Pommies".

The All Blacks scored two tries in the next seven minutes. This utterly broke England's fighting spirit. Their Captain should have vented his frustrations at his players rather than the refs. His example proved terrible and was regrettably emulated by others on his squad.

Ben Cohen qualifies for the inaugural Knight of The Mind Prop's Rear End Award for his shameful display. Cohen further humiliated England with the following display of grade-school tantrum throwing.

"But we bring Ben Cohen to trial for deciding to have a whinge at referee Jonathan Kaplin after England WON a penalty in front of the post with the scores standing at 17-3. The decision - quite correctly - was immediately reversed. You what, Ben?"

You what? Is an excellent question to pose Clive Woodward and the entire shell-shocked English side. At this game's after-party, the Brits certainly drank so that they could forget.

It looks as if The Zurich World Rankings had it dead to rights. They've been dropping England like a millstone in a well for about the last month. This no longer appears premature or biased. Perhaps someone could lend a few lines of that software code to the geniuses in charge of the BCS.


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