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Thursday, June 24, 2004

It Seems There's A Controling Legal Authority After All

It gets easier everyday to tell that Al Gore and Bill Clinton have had a permanent parting of the ways. Heck, I'm fairly convinced that Mr. Gore and reason have called it quits and won't be in the same zip code with eachother. During today's bizarre example of his lithium-deprived behavior, Mr. Sore from the Sore Loserman Ticket offered us this rhetorical gem.

"We cannot depend up on a debased department of Justice given over to the hands of zealots. "Congressional oversight" and "special prosecution" are words that should hang in the air."

This passage would never have remained in an Al Gore Polemic Special back in his highbinding Veep days. He just could never find that controlling legal authority when he was selling nuclear weapon designs to the PLA in return for campaign dollars.

Perhaps now that Gore has retired from serious adulthood and now lacks a fiefdom to collosally misgovern, he's found the spare time to actually read a copy of The US Constitution. He certainly drops plenty of names belonging to The Founding Fathers. It could be that Al Gore's mental condition involves delusional fantasies of these people visiting his father's manor house and sipping mint juleps together. I guess it takes a guy who's smart enough to invent the internet to understand what James Madison was really thinking.

As an avid supporter of President Bush's reelection in 2004, I should probably find encouragement and great humor in watching a prominent Democratic Politician undergo devolution until anthropologists get a real time look at the missing link primate. However, I'm not callous enough to enjoy this spectacle twice. Someone should invoke the Little League Baseball Smear Rule and yank Al Gore before the score becomes Logic and Reason 500 - MoveOn.Gore 0.

Even failed Presidential candidates have a set of duties based upon decorum. Al Gore lacks the decorum of mule in horse harness. He may actually help Bush by becoming such a caricature of a stereotype that he scares undecided voters away from the Democratic Party. But even if this is true, letting this crazy man loose in public with an active microphone is an embarassment to modern America.


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