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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Honest Blogger Quiz

Fun and laden with blogger vanity.

1. Which political party do you typically agree with?
GOP 75%, Libertarian 15%, Dems 5%, Others 5%

2. Which political party do you typically vote for?
GOP 75%, Libertarian 15%, Dems 5%, Others 5%

3. List the last five presidents that you voted for.
Bush I, Bush I, Dole, Bush II

4. Which party do you think is smarter about the economy?
1) Libertarians 2) GOP 3) Dems 4) Green Party

5. Which party do you think is smarter about domestic affairs?
1)GOP 2) Libertarians 3) Dems 4) Green Party

6. Do you think we should keep our troops in Iraq or pull them out?
They stay, but begin drawing down after the first nationwide Iraqi elections.

7. Who, or what country, do you think is most responsible for 9/11?
Us, for being a big collection of wussies from 1991 to 2001.

8. Do you think we will find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?
We already have. Next.

9. Yes or no, should the U.S. legalize marijuana?
Yes. We probably should.

10. Do you think the Republicans stole the last presidental election?
Good for them if they did.

11. Do you think Bill Clinton should have been impeached because of what he did with Monica Lewinski?
No, after he sold nuclear weapon plans to the PLA, he should not have still been in office by the time The Satyr (Starr) Report came out.

12. Do you think Hillary Clinton would make a good president?
Survey Says....WAAAAANNNNKKKK. Thanx for playin'.

13. Name a current Democrat who would make a great president.
Maybe Lieberman, perhaps McCain (Oops, I forgot he was still a Republican).

14. Name a current Republican who would make a great president.
Condi Rice, Bill Owens, Rudy Guliani.

15. Do you think that women should have the right to have an abortion?
Only in the case medical emergency.

16. What religion are you?
My own flavor of Christian.

17. Have you read the Bible all the way through?

18. What’s your favorite book?
Tie among several. The Saga of Fire and Ice (George R. R. Martin)
LOTR (Tolkien), Foundation Trilogy (Azamov), Ringworld Trilogy (Niven). If someone is actually good enough to make me sit through three books w/ the same characters, they rate highly.

19. Who is your favorite band?
Pat Metheny, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull.

20. Who do you think you’ll vote for president in the next election?
W, The President.

21. What website did you see this on first?
Venemous Kate.


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