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Thursday, June 17, 2004

Hezbollah Goes To The Movies!!

Now we really know why they hate us. I had figured that they didn't really hate us, they just figured we were a bunch of overfed pussies. My theory was that terrorists terrorize for the same reason that conquerors conquer and bullies bully. Because they can.

The real reason they hate us, we just don't pay homage to their favorite movie director. Well now we are aware of the Hezbollah pick for next year's Academy Awards. It's none other than our very own Jabba The Haw-Haw, Michael Moore.

In an amazingly bad attempt at propaganda, Hezbollah picked up the phone and gave Michael Moore's agent a call. They offered their support in distributing the film. Maybe they aren't quite as lovable as the boys from The Magic Kingdom, but they are willing to give it go. Think of it has Michael Eisner's business ethics minus the support for Gay Day.

I'm sure the crafty agent was non-committal. He probably gave them the typical "We'll get back to you." This is Hollywood Lingo for f--k off.

While no one associated with the film has any comments, an endorsement like the one they received from Hezbollah certainly puts the newest Michael Moore crockumentary "Fahrenhiet 9/11" in a new light. Michael Moore has proven that at least some of America is loved by every person in the world. Even the die-hard zealots of Hezbollah.

The question now is no longer "Why do they hate us?" The new question should be "Can we make Hezbollah take this disgusting slob on a full time basis?"


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