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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Habitat For Asininity: Carter's Latest Foray Into Tackiness

Jimmy Carter provides us all with moments that make us wonder about what was in the drinking water back in 1976. The funeral of a stricken child in Maryland provided yet one more infamy to add to that list. The encounter went as follows:

Mattie J.T. Stepanek, a 13-year-old Rockville, Md., boy who "wrote books of inspirational poems that climbed the bestseller charts," died last week of muscular dystrophy. Among those attending his funeral, the Washington Post reports, was Jimmy Carter...

Why would Jimmy Carter go to such trouble?

To hurl more invective at President Bush.

The man has stooped where maggots would fear to tread. The man used the ocassion of a young boy's funeral oration to offer us his hackneyed, knee-jerk insights on the issues of the day. The young boy had written about how the war had made him sad. Jimmy used this as a jumping off point for his hateful stream of bile.

The young boy felt President Bush should have spent more time and energy planning for peace. For a child to say that is understandable and even touching in its niavete. From a responsible adult who leads the second largest democracy in the world, this gets lots of people killed.

Maybe Carter should have spent more time and energy pulling his head out of his butt. His failures in Iran, Nicaraugua and Afghanistan may very well have resulted from the peace at all costs foreign policy of Carter's failed presidency.

I'll agree with poor, deceased Mattie that George W. Bush should spend more time and energy planning for peace. Our president should accomplish this by spending his entire second term getting SDI to the field and adding two additional divisions to the US Army.


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