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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Executing Maupin Doesn't Make Them Impressive

We're all now suppossed to be scared. Those Al Quaida guys must be tough. They're so tough they just executed a U.S. POW. This impresses me to no end.

The execution of Keith M. Maupin has to constitute about the most stupid thing Al Quaida could have done. The one moral advantage these thugs still had was that in the aftermath of Abu Ghraib Prison, they could claim the Americans were barbarians for how they treated prisoners.

Well, that argument is gone. There could be no more cowardly or pathetic an act than executing a person who has surrendered himself and who stopped fighting back three months ago. The thugs can't beat our military, but when they get a POW, they act like they just took down Mike Tyson in his prime.

People throughout the Islamnic world who are sick of these people had to have cringed. Cutting someone's head off while yelling "Allah Akbar!!" at the top of one's lungs does not constitute smooth salesmanship. People all over the world look at these people and no doubt feel the contempt.


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