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Friday, June 25, 2004

Al Gore's Second Thoughts

See, I'm not the only one who thinks AlGore (Version 8.5) has popped a few circuits and leaked all the oil he puts in his hair! It seems our Digital Thomas Edison is now having second thoughts about his prized invention: The AlGoreNet. Not that his handiwork wasn't as terrifically brilliant as he was, it's just been taken over by Digital Brownshirts. The Horror!

Big Al is officially off his meds
Kevin at Wizbang! has the AlGore moment of the day:

According to Al Gore, exercising your free speech on the internet makes you a "digital brown shirt" if you happen to think that, for example, Al Gore is demonstrably off his rocker and that Michael Moore would prefer more Americans would be beheaded by terrorists to put Ted Kennedy in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Of course, there's a "digital brown shorts" joke there, but hey, not even I'M going to go that low...

(editor: you already did, you numbskull!)


So this raises the question: what does Al really mean? And, where can you find these "digital Brown shirts?"

The answer, of course, is here, at the Brown University Bookstore website, which has a quite extensive selection of, er, digital Brown shirts. Which leads us to the type of cheap shot Big Al must be talking about.


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