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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Who Michael Moore Really Hurts

Michael Moore seems to have adorned himself as the paramount hegemon of modern left wing propaganda. This achievement deserves a certain grudging respect, coming from a man of no particular artistic or intellectual talent. Moore brings two intangible assets to the table and they seem to have won this man life’s jackpot. He believes in his ideals and he works very hard at what he does for a living.

The problem with Moore’s professional achievements exists because they come at a cost. Not a cost to Michael Moore, I doubt his skipped a buffet anytime this month, but rather to society as a whole. Moore’s films project his nihilism and move society towards the vision of his movies. He views the world as an ineluctable conspiracy of the privileged and then wallows in privilege like Commodus, The Vile Roman Despot.
Michael Moore cannot profoundly hurt Roger Smith, President Bush or even the principal of Columbine High School. These people suffer less from Michael Moore’s detestable demagoguery of demonization than the audiences who sit in the theatre and listen. These audiences listen and feed on all the reasons to quit.

Reason unabated by faith does not provide the vitality a person needs to work hard towards a goal. The world of Michael Moore is one of nihilistic twilight. A man who disbelieves in everything, doesn’t have any ground left to stand on. Michael Moore tells the audience that everyone and everything is corrupt and contemptible. The cynicism of Michael Moore will never defeat a giant. It will only convince “the little guy” that he’s an utterly powerless midget.

Moore ridicules to destroy, but never has a positive or even a palatable alternative. He portrays a world of excrement and won’t even give it credit for making the grass grow green. I have never seen nor heard any positive content from a Michael Moore crockumentary.

It’s not so much his beliefs that are inherently evil. Samuel Gompers and Albert Schweitzer both believed in causes that could easily be construed as liberal in nature. What truly renders Michael Moore a corpulent coprophage of corruption, is the unremitting hate and negativity.

The negative-minded will always steal oxygen from the left right and center of the political and ideological spectrums. The tragedy accompanying Michael Moore’s masochistic methodology is that it works. The world once required at least some positive and uplifting content from it’s entertainers.

Michael Moore flushes the entire world down his horrendous, unsanitary toilet. The judges at Cannes liked the ride enough to hand him a Golden Palm. What does this say about them? What does that do to the rest of us?


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