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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Raging As The Daylight Fades

In The Bible, Joseph promised The Pharoah seven fat years followed by seven lean. While Albert Gore lost out on the Pharoahship by one one-hundreth of a percent, he had previously enjoyed his years of abundance and plenty. Now that prophecy has turned full circle. Vice President Gore has become Mr. Gore and he's facing the lean years with a Hobson's Choice of burning out or fading away.

In facing down this dilemna, Al Gore seems to have channeled Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas as his oratory muse. Gore's star may have ebbed and his 15 minutes are well past done. However, he will not go away without a fight. He may have to be taken away kicking and screaming.

He has taken to heart the closing couplet from the D. Thomas Poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night".

"Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

Today offered Gore his latest opportunity to vent. Fittingly, John Ashcroft announced a heightened terrorist threat on the same day that Gore cut loose. If people as imprisoned by the past as Albert Gore continue to give it's major speeches, we have to think up a new appellation for MoveOn.Org.

Al Gore's rage and profound frustration went on fulsome display as he laid into President Bush with every single club in his rhetorical golf bag. He ripped the president for not paying greater homage to legal authority, even if it seems much less controlling after eight years of governance from President Clinton and his sidekick Al.

Al Gore's take on the prisoner abuse scandal was that Bush personally chose not to abide by The Geneva Convention. Lynndie England should have worn her tinfoil hat under her black beret. That way President Bush could never have exercised jedi mind control and made her abuse those poor Iraqis. Gore figured out PFC England's motivations a little better, later on in the appalling polemnic, when he went and got snippy by remarking that "dominance is as dominance does."

Al Gore then detonated a propaganda stink bomb on what he called "Rumsfeld's war plan" and read off quotes from several top generals who have groussed about the war plan and fortold our national doooooooooooooooom. By the time Gore reached his apagee, he had us all believing once again that Earth hung in the balance.

Then Al Gore volunteered his services to as an SES level hiring manager at the Office of Personel Management. He offered President Bush loads of advice on who he needed to preclude from his next adminsitration. He wanted Rumsfeld, fired! Condi Rice, fired! Wolfwitz, fired! Everyone to the right of Le Duc Tho, Fired!

It was quite the rant. He has my undimmed admiration. Jumping the shark or even flying over the cuckoo's nest would vastly understate the dramatic power of Al Gore's performance. He may still drift in close-Earth orbit. What a stem-winder.

To quote his new found pal Howard Dean. "YEEEEEAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"


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