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Friday, May 28, 2004

Gore's Successful Policy of Containment

Let me be the first to congratulate Al Gore on his successful policy of containment. I would like to thank him personally for helping Bill CLinton keep the forces of terrorism at bay for eight years. The containment strategy truly brought us peace in our time.

Clinton and Gore's defense against terrorists during the 1990's ranks up there in American military history with the overwhelming display of shock and awe we gave to the British at Bladensburg, during the War of 1812. How dare Al Gore claim his policy actually succeeded?

If Al Gore's policy of containment kept us safe from terrorism, allow me celebrate several other successful American military policies that rank right up there with the strategic genius of our successful policy of containment.

If Gore invented a successful policy of containment, than the following historical facts are intuitively ture.

The West would never have been won without General Custer's ride at Little Big Horn.

General Hood should be venerated for holding the maruading hordes of General Sherman outside the gates of Atlanta.

The Maginot Line kept Guderian's Panzers under wraps but good.

And for one last swipe at the Lilly of France, a bunch of English peasants with longbows made of yew stood no chance against the mighty cavalry of France at Crecy Forest.

I've planted axiom that Gore's successful policy of containment was an utter sham, let me now count the ways.

In Somalia we declared victory and left as fast as a C-130 could fly. That's not containment. That's open cowardice.

Our embassy in Kenya was a classic victim of Gore's successful policy of containment.

The bombing of the USS Cole certainly demonstrated the success that resulted from Gore's policy of containment.

Oh, and when we're successfully containing someone, a group of religious fanatics should never take over an entire country. When the Taliban took over Afghanistan that was pathetic neglect, not containment.

The end result of The Taliban taking over Afghanistan was the crowning defeat for Al Gore's policy of containment. Bush initially preferred continued containment, but 9-11 made that policy untenable.

So Al Gore's policy of containment was in no way a success or a victory. His lies that it was are an outrageous tergivoration that endangers the lives of our soldiers in the field.


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