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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Giving The Junior Senator From New York Her Just Due

In a stunning move of political expediency, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has suggested undoing a significant feature of her husband's presidency. She has made the glowingly obvious point that the US Army was reduced to too low a level of active duty forces and has mentioned that we, as a nation, should have more soldiers on full time duty.

Indeed the newest political immigrant to The Empire State makes an intelligent point. Whether Senator Clinton really favors a larger army, we need to take her up on her suggestion. It could become like the Welfare Reform Bill, which President Clinton loudly asked for, but did not really want to see on his desk.

Prior to Operation Desert Storm the active army fielded 18 combat divisions. Between then and the events of 9-11, the army had remained in a state of high speed rewind. President George W. Bush began operations against Afghanistan and Iraq with only 10 divisions on point for the nation.

Enlarging the Army would prove challenging, but not entirely impossible. Two of the demobilized divisions, the 24th ID and the 7th ID were not totally taken down. Each of these divisions retained active HHQ elements and received three national guard roundout brigades to facilitate a rapid remobilization. Thus it remains feasible to enlarge the Army to 12 divisions on a timetable that would positively impact our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Opponents would immediately argue that no one in their right mind would stay in an all volunteer force once actual live rounds fly down range. Before we bring back conscription, we should examine current active army retention statistics. We should compare them to retention rates in guard and reserve units which our decreased active force requires us to increasingly hitch our star to.

This discrepancy in retention rates can only be attributed to basic logic. Active army soldiers serve the army as a full time job. It's what they do and a whole lot of who they are. When they get shot at, it's an occupational hazard they got briefed on before they signed up for the benefits.

Reserve soldiers may be twice the citizen according to Winston Churchill, but they also pay twice the price when the war toxin sounds. Not only do reservists go in harm's way, they also get hit with an unplanned separation from family and get tossed out of a regular civilian job. The dissonance takes its toll and renders further service profoundly unpalateable.

Thus Hillary Rodham Clinton enjoys the best of both worlds when she opines that the US Army should expand its active force. She pays homage to the gods of political panderation and serves her nation in one bold stroke. Therefore I opine that we should act on her recommendation, reactivate the 7th and 24th Infantry Divisions and put our army on a stronger footing.

Putting this bill on George W. Bush's desk would prove condign for everyone involved. As John Lennon remarked in The Beatles' song "Revolution #9". "Take this brother, may it serve you well." It would only be giving the Junior Senator from New York her just deserts.


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